Real estate record and builders' guide (v.46no.1164(July 5 1890)-no.1189(Dec. 27 1890))

(New York,  F. W. Dodge Corp.  )



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  v. 46, no. 1173: Page 314  


Record and Guide.

September 0, 1890

Tbroop av,e 8, 75 s Floyd st, 25x100. Franz
Low to Albert Feusterer.                              nom

Throop av, e s, 42.1 s Hancock st. 19.6x81.
Amzi L. Camp to Albert H. Mehlbip. Mt.
$9,000.                                                           16,500

Van Cott av, s w cor King.slard av, 20x95.
Sophie Hevinann wife of Aaron to Frank A.
Koefler. of New York City.                         1,500

Vernon av, s s, 3i5 w Sunmer av, 20x100.
Kobert. .Sr., Anderson to Kate Comgan.
Mf. $4,250.                                                      7,750

Vanderbilt av. e s, 35.11 n Gates av, 17.11x72.
Sallie B. Randall wife of John T. to J. Wal¬
ter Thompson.   Mt. .S:J,.50O.                          6.000

Vcorhis av, n s, intersection centre line e 27th
st, runs north 273.6 x southeast 2)^.4 x south
122.0 to av, X west 236, contains 1 7-100 acre.«,
Sheepshead Bay. Herman F. Scharmann to
Herman B. Scharmann.                                 gift

Washington av, e s, abt 28 0 n De Kalb av, 23x
200 to Hall st, h ^ 1. Alexander Strong to
Homer Lee.                                                     nom

Willoughby av, s s, 160 e Tompkins av, 16.8x
100. Chanty C. Addy wife of Richard C. to
James Doonan.                                              5.800

1st av, e s, at centi e block bet SJd st and 83d st,
.'uns to lai:d of John Bullocke x south to land
of Tracy & Ru.»sell, x west to 1st av, x north
—, New Utrecht Itaac P. Bergen to Will¬
iam H. Burroughs.                                         uom

:j.l av, n s, 07.3 w Union st, 23.9xr<0. Alfred
Corning Clark lo Sarah A. .VausHeld.        1,150

:;d av, e s, .57 s Uuion .st, runs south 52 x
southeast Hi7 x northeast .50x northwest 121.4,
New Utrecht Michael McDonald to Wash¬
ington H. Hettler.                                           600

3d av, e s, intersection s w s LTnion st, runs
south 57 X 121.4 x northeast 54.11
to Union st, x northwest 136.11, New Utrecbt.
Michael McDonald to Anne Sheridan.        1,500

4th av, n w cor Union st, 20x75, h&L George
R. Brown to Elizabeth Zimmer.                13,500

6th av, n w cor 20th st, 100x150. Thomas
B. Gilford, New York, to David Atkin.     9,000

7th av, n w cor 15th st, 21x78.10. David Atkin
to WiUiam N. Muhland.   ML $10,000.     20,000

llth av, w s, lOttn 6/th st, 20x100, New Utrecht
James V. S. Weolley to Henry Sellman.       175

12th av, w s, IOO n 67th st, 2iixl00, Batb Junc¬
tion. James V. K. Woolley to Alfrida An¬
derson.                                                               175

22dav, ses, intersection ne s f Oth st, 5.5x100,
New Utrecht. James D. Lynch to Joseph
Elliott, Jr.                                    consid. omitted

Old Bushwick road, w s. 56..5 n e Boerum st,
runs west 9.5 x north 25 x east lUS x south¬
west 2S.3. Louisa Cronenwelh widow of
William to Meyer Harkins.                          6,000

Interior lot, K5 s Fulton st and 80 e New York
uv, runs east 80 x south 35x80x;:5, h & 1.
Henry L. Betts to Cordelia E. wife of Henry
L. Betts.                                                          nom

Interior lot, lK->.0 s Herkimer st and 150 w
Utica av, ruts south 49 z west 100x49x100.
John J. Vail trustee to The Harwinton Land
Co.    C. a. G.                                                   nom

L(.te9, 02 and 82 on map of land belonging to '
Daniel  D. StiUwell, Gravesend.   Elizabeth
and John Magridge to WiUiam A. Engeman.


Lots 27 and E, being part of old lot 6 map of
common lands, town of Graveseud. Anthony
Waring to Margaret Waring.                          60

Lot No. NJ sectional map No. 5 viUage of Fort
HamUton, NewUtrecht. Michael Furst to
Van Brunt W. Bennett.    % part.                nom

Ijot 281 on opening map 92d "st. New Utrecht.
Eteleaae. C. Furguson, Supervisor, to
Michael O'Donnell and Mich'l Murphy.        301

I^>ts 7tiT and 76S block 22 map Wm. Zieglei's
1,197 lots, Flatbush and New Utrecht. WUl-
inm Ziegler to Fortunato D'Oaofrio, New
York.                                                                 570

I^iis Ui and 21 block 3. lots 27, 28 and 52 block
5, lots 131 and 55 block 8, lots ISS, 1S9, 204,
;,'(»5. 2(i«, 207, 208 block 9, lote 233 and 242
block 10, lots 244, 245, 246, 247, 24«, 2.^ 259
and 260 blcck 11" mapcf 264 lots, 26th Ward,
jtart of homesttead farm of I^icholas L. Dur¬
yea."   Albert Sibley to William Ziegler.   nom

Lots 51 and 53 block 27 map No. 2 1st Manu¬
facturing District, East New York. Edward
Wemple, Comptroller State New York, to
Theresa and John Reicfaling.                        1,472

Part of lots 2^8, 229 and 230 sectional map No.
5, Fort Hamilton, 20x75, &ub. to 4th av open¬
ing.   John Ahearn to Clara Mang, widow. 300

Plot in Flatbush, adj lands of Kings County,
10 acres. Forrclosiire. Clark D. Rbink'hart
to The Dime Savings Bank, Brooklyn.      8,500

Plot of land adj lands of George Nc wding. at n
w cor, town of Gravesend. 25x68.B. Mary
Ann Kowenhoveu aud John H. to John and
Jennie Hettrick.                                                 50


August 26 to 30—Inclusive.


Callender, John to Wm. B. Reid, w s Matilda

st, 145.3 n Kossuth, abt 45.3x101.                  $600

Conkliug, Mary A. andano. to Jos. Weber, Jr.,

e s Fulton av, 131 n White Plains road, 57x

113.                                                                  1,500

Donohue, Thos. to Bemhard H. Betz, s w cor

Kossuth av and Marion st, 48x103.                 400

Duer, John to Robert Hall, w s Matilda st, 100

u Kossuth, abt 100x100.                                   200

Ford, Simeon to Harrv Held, part lot 132 n w

s Bond st, map West Mt Vemon, 25x100. 1,(00
Forster. Fred P. to Cath. A. Crowe, lote 288 to

243, cor Union and High sto, ibap Chester

BUL                                                                6,500

Grabner, Anna to Emma L. B. Cappelman,
lot 25 s e s Union st, map West Mt. Vemon,
71.91140.                                                         5.600

Hall, Robert to Jobn Callender, w s Matilda
st, 1( 0 n Kossuth, 90 6x101.                          1,200

Lynch, John to And. Moore, e s Boulevard, adj
A. T. Stewart, abt 80x102.                               350

NoU, Charlotte H. to Fred P. Forster, lots 144-
149 map Chester HiU.                                          1

Thurston, John to Wm. Schuster, n e cor
Westchester av and Oak st, 2l4xl40xl90x4Ox
119                                                                      300

Walkley, Geo. to Henry Knittle, lots 10 and 11
ses Garden pl, map South Mt. Vemon, abt
50x125.                                                               375

Same to John Clary, Jr., lots 14 andl5ses
Garden pl, same map, abt 75x140.                  610


Rushmore, Eliza V. to Thoe. F. Oakes, block
bounded by De Lancy, Heathcote, Walton
and Union avs.                                             10,000


Croft, Frances A. to John E. Glimm, s e cor
Webster av and WiUiam st, 115x125.          2,500

Same to Arthur L. Moore, n s WUliam st, 425
e Webster av, 50x115.                                       700

Dassler, Wm. to Henry W. Dassler, lot 15 w s
7th st, map West New RocheUe, 100x100.     600

Dickel, Conrad et al., M. J. Tierney ref., to Jos.
Stehlin, nes Cottege pl,adj Wm. C. Holmes,
150x150.                                                           1,280

Plummer, George S. exr. of, to Harriet V. Da¬
vids, w 8 Clintou av, 400 s Mayflower, lOOx
300.                                                                     600


Crooks, Lydia et al. to John Godfrey, lot 255 w
s 7th av, map PelhamvUle, 100x100.               450

Al vidson, Wm. to Robt. F. Johnston, lote 400

and 401 s s 3d av, map Wakefield, 100x228. 1,950
MaUett, Joshua J. to Wm. A. Mallett, w s

Washington av, 498 n 2d st, 50x100.            3.000

Tinagero, Josie A. to Eliza E. Morrison, lot

120a and 120b Newell av, map Olinville No.

2,100x125.                                                       1,200

BeU, John W., Jr., to Irene Duffy, n s Martine

av, abt 50 e Brookfield st, 50x107.                   559

Hyatt, A. Jackson to Tbcs. Ryan, lot 80 e s

Cambridge av, map Fogg lots, abt :i7x130.    130

Bashford, Georgiana to  Martin Lisenski, lot

10 e 8 Lincoln st, Moody map, 50x180.            900

Bell, Jas. C. to Patrick Connors, ses Garden

st, cor Private way, 25x45.                              300

Cain, JOS. fl. to Wm. J. Vincent, lote 22, 21,19

and 20, block 21 e s Broadway, map property

Lowerre station.                                             3,600

Same to Hug^ S. Mack, n w cor McLean av and
I (Carroll st, 106x50x89x52; also s s Lawrence

st, 95 e Pauline st, 118x100x146x104; also a e

cor Lawrence st and Van Sice av.               4,640

Same to Innes R. Macpherson, n w cor McLean

av and Pelton st, abt 26x112.                           600

Samo to Enpheme H. Guernsey, w s McLean

av, 52 n Pelton st, 52x120.                                980

Same to Jos. Schevcik, w s McLean av, 124 n

Radford st, 126x05x52x124; also s w cor Van

Cortlandt Park av and Wolffe st, 100x101.

Same to Jas. Kassam, w s McLean av, 52 s Lou¬
doun St. 26x100.                                                 385
Same to David H. ScuUy, 8 s Radford st, 75 e

Florence st, 25x'0O.                                         485

Same to Maude Plympton, s s Wolffe st, 100 e

Van Cortlandt Park av, 25x100.                     425

Same to Wm. Parker, w s Van Sice av, 175 s

Landscape av, 25x100.                                      550

Same to Maurice Rapp et al., n w cor Lawren(«

st and Western av, 73x100x30x74.                1,095

Same to Rich. V. Lewis, s e cor Pauline and

Lawrence ste, 25x100.                                       800

Same to Rich. Hartley, e s Pauline st, 325 s

Lawrence st 50x100.                                      1,030

Same to Eliz. L. Heummer, lots 15 and 16 block

1"* e 8 Van Sice av, map property Lowerre

Station, 50zll6.                                                965

Same to John   L. Pool, e s Pauline st, 275 s

Lawrence st. 50zlG0.                                      ] ,030

Same to Amalie Theobold, s e cor Wolffe st

aud Van Cortlandt Park av, 25zl00.             785

Same to Isaac S. Bennett, n s Lawrence st, 175

e Van Cortlandt Park av, 50x100.                  790

Same to Henry J. Latham, s s Lawrence st, 70

e Van Sice av, abt .55x100.                               950

Same to Lgrdia E. Belknap, e s Van Cortlandt

Park av, 25 n Lawrence st, 75x100.              1 575

Same to Alfred C. Mitchell, e s Van Cortlandt

Park av, 25 s Wolffe st, 50x100.                    1,250

Sameto Thos. MiUen, n s Radford st, 100e

Van Cortlandt Park av.                                ],4U5

Same to Jos H. Cassidy, s s Lawrence st, 125 e

Van Sice av, abt 75x110.                               1,425

Sherwood Park Land and Improvement Co. to

David Crawford, n s Chester pl, 200 w Cres-

oent;pl, 25x100.                                                  450

Gard, Anson A. to Lewis Elmer et ai., lot 315

map Armour Villa Park.                                 775

Horry, Mary to Thos. P. Luckey and ano., n s

Palisade av, adj Cath. Tschan, 23.6x150.    6,700
Lawson, Jas. enr. of, to Clara FaircbUd, n s

Parker st, 1646 e St Josephs av, 100x100.        1
Nepera Park Land Co. to Ida M. HoUings¬
wortb, n e cor Ki jg st and Nepperhan av,

300x100.                                                           4,800

Prime, Ralph E. et aL to Jno. T. Courtney, w s

CUnton st 100 s Hudson, SSzlOU.                 5,000

Beynolds, Nath. to Geo. W. Brace, n s OUver

«y, 100 e WiUiam st, SOzlOO.                       £,000

Shonnard, Sophia A. to Clifford M. Bucknam,
w s Hudson terrace, adj. H. B. Beecher, lliOz
232.                                                                  4,700

Ware, Enoch R. trustee of EsteUe R. Fox, n s
Ware av, 269 w KimbaU av, 50x125.             3.50

Same to Chas. E. Bachman, s s Ware av, 122
w KimbaU av, SOx If 5.                                     a50

Same to Evelyn W. Raymond, s s Ware av, 172
w KimbaU av, 50x12.5.                                     350

Same to Jas. Stewart, s s Ware av, 272 w Kim-
IwU av, 100x125.                                                700



August 29, 30, September 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ainswortb, Catharine A. formerly Dace wife
of and James to Horace Bacon. 54th st. No.
102. 8 8, 22.6 e 4t,h av, 22.6x78.5. Aug. 29,
instaUs.                                                          $4,000

Atfield, Catharine to Cbarles Schultz. Wee¬
hawken st. P. M. Aug. 30, 5 years or
sooner, 5 <i.                                                    12.000

Anger, Carl A. G. and WUliam Scbnude to
Heniy and Amalia Lieberum. 76th st. P.
M.   Sept. 2, 5 years or sooner, 4Vi %.        11,500

Auerbach, Meyer to John D. Lange. 97th st,
n s, 154 e Amsterdam av, 14xlO(Ml. Aug.
28, due Sept. 2, 1893. 5 %.                   gold, 11,000

Anderson, Patrick to John H. BaUantine, New¬
ark, N.JJ. Washington st, s e cor West llth
st, 31.9i29.Sx37.9x21.10; West llth st, ss, 21.10
e Washington st, 21.6x43.4x23.1x:J7.9; West
lltfast, ss, 4L9 e Washington st, 37.2zlf)2z
39.2x94.9.   Sept. 1, due Sept. 2,1891, 5 %. 10,000

Burke, John to Hamilton & McFadden. Mor¬
ton st, s s, 98 e Bedford st, 27x90. Sub. to
morte. $31,500.   Aug. 30,1 year or sooner. 1,5C0

Bergin, Thomas to The Emiurant Indcst.
Savings Bank. 32d st, n s, 450 w Oth av, 25
X98.9.   .'•iept. 2,1 year.                                  2,000

Bach, Louis Z. to Randolph Guggenheimer.
Greenwich st. P. M. Aug. 25, 1 year or
sooner, 55s.                                                      9,000

Beck, Peiser to Morris Gellert. Ridge st. P.
M.    Sept. 2, due Mar. 15, 1892.                    2,250

Boylston, Jane to Katberine J. Kennedy, l^d
St. P. M. Sub. to mort. $6,000. Sept 3, 1
year.                                                                   500

Brockway, James W. to Tbe McElwee Manu¬
facturing Co. Park av, w s, 50.8 s 94th st,
50x80.   2d mort.   Aug. 27, 6 months.         3.000

Berghora, Henry to The Emigrant Indust.
Savings Bank. 2d av, n e cor 78th st, 25.7x
100.   Aug. 30, 1 year.                                  11,000

Bischof, WiUiam, Jr., Chappaqua, N. Y., to
David J. Bogert Perry st. P. M. Aug. 29,
1 year or sooner, 5 %.                                   12,300

Borkel, John to Andrew J. Connick. 148th st,
n 8, 200 e Amsterdam av. P. M. Aug. 28,
due Sept. 1, 1893, or sooner, 5 %.                 12,700

Same to same. 148tfa st, n s, 275 e Amsterdam
av. P. M. Aug. 28, due Sept 1, 1893, or
sooner, 5 %.                                                    15,300

Boyd, Elizabeth widow, Brooklyn, to Paul Wil¬
cox tmstee. 45lh st, s s, 382.6 w 6th av, 17.6x
100.4   Aug. 28.                                              6,5C0

Butoher, Edward C. to L. Schwartz & Co., Buf¬
falo, N. Y. r^9th st, n s, 110 w Madison av,
99.10x99.11. Sub. to morte $29,820. Aug.
28, 1 jear.                                                       1,755

Bloom, Margaret A., Brooklyn, to Charles H.
Clark.   4th St.   P.M.   Aug. 25, instaUs, 51


Ba?ant, John, Jr., and EUzabeth his wife to
PhUip A. Moore and Emma C. bis wife.
Jackson av. P. M. Sept. 4, 5 years or in¬
staUs.                                                                  7L0

Crawford, William H. to LiUy W. Churchill
et al. exrs. Louis C. Hamersley. Madison
st. No. 143. n 8, 25x100. Sept 4, demand,
5 %.                                                                 28,000

Same to Joseph L. Buttenwieser. Same prt^
erty.   Sub. to last mm t.    Sept. 4, demand.


Casey, John to Edward and Henry Hirsh. Am¬
sterdam av, n e cor 96th st, nms nortb 80.7 z
east 100 z nortb 20.4 z east 50 z soatb 1€0.11
to st, X wes-t 150. May 3, due Feb. 1,1891, or
sooner.                                                           55,000

Chatfield, Thomas B. and Charles D. to John
Ruck. 67th St. P. M. July 25, instaUs,
5%.                                                                   4,600

Clark, Byron G. to Carrie K. Shaw. 122d st.
P. Vi. Sub. to mort. $12,500. Aug. 23, due
Aug. 30, 1893, 5 ii.                                          7,000

Cordler, Theodore A. to WUliam HaU's Sons.
Amsterdam (lOth) av, n e cor 78th st, 102.2z
98.   Aug. 21, due Mar. 1, 1891, or sooner, 5 i.


Comet, WUliam H. to Philip Saramet. 36th
St. P. M. Aug. 28, due Mar. 1,1891, or
sooner.                           '                               11,500

Craig, Patrick to Bernheimer & Schmid. 3d
av. No. 2:^3, s ecor lOtbst. Saloon lease.
Aug. 29, note, demand.                                 4,000

Chandler, Albert B. to Mary A. wife of Manley
A. Raymond. 7th av. P. M. Aug. 23, due
Bept a, 1895.                                                  3,850

Cohen, David and Bamett Levy to Frank
Rhoner. Mulberry st No. 141. P. M. Sub.
to mort. $20,000.   Aug. 28, instaUs.            6,500

Same to same. Mulberry st, w s, 175 n Hester
st P. M. Sub. to mort $30,000. Aug. 28,
instaUs.                                                           6,500

Canaan, Simon to Karl M. WaUacb. Ludlow
st. No. 16, e s, 19x87.6    Sept 3, demand. 1,500

Carlos, Micbael to Patrick DonneUy. Hoffoum
st   P. M.   Bept 2,in8taU&,5^                 1,200

Colwell, Charles T. to Thk Habi^bm Saytnos
Bank.   Plot oi land under tha waters <^

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