Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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The first three volumes of this work were published in 1875.
Its object, as stated in the Preface, was to show the various politi¬
cal and territorial changes which had taken place in Europe
between 1814, the date of the termination of the French Eevolu-
tionary War, and 1875, the date of the publication of the work;
in other words, to show how the "Map of Europe" had been
changed by Treaties or other International Arrangements since the
general European settlement which was made by the Great Powers
at the time of the conclusion of the Vienna Congress Treaty, in
1815. Hence the title of the work, "The Map of Europe by

The Documents were arranged throughout the work in chrono¬
logical order; a distinctive number was given to each, and where
a reference was made in any Document to a previous one, its
number was inserted in the text, so that it might be the more
readily referred to.

Explanatory Notes were also added, wherever found necessary,
to show how an arrangement made by any particular Treaty or
other Document had been altered by a subsequent arrangement.

Each Treaty was preceded by a Table of Contents to the
various subjects contained in it, and each Article of the Treaty by
a similar description of its contents, whilst the subject of each
Document was further shown by a heading to each page, giving its
purport or the name by which it was generally known.

Declarations of War were inserted, in order to show the causes
which led to the different wars; an abstract was given of the
proceedings of all European Conferences ; whilst the full text was
given of the several Treaties of Peace, Alliance, Boundary, &c. To
the latter Documents Maps were added in each case, showing how
the Boundaries of States had been altered by the preceding War.
The entire work was published in English, and an elaborate and
carefully classified Index was added, giving a reference to every
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