Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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No. 452]                                 SEETIA.                      [29 Aug., 1875.

[Events in Bosnia and Herzeg-ovina.]

No. 452.—SPEECH of Prince Milan Ohrenovitch IV, on
the Opening of the Session of the National Assembly of
Servia, Events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kragoitievatz^
2Wi August, 1875.

(Translation as laid before Parliament.)

I HAYB always been pleased to find myself in the midst of the
Representatives of my people, but I have to-day more than ever
reason for being satisfied at seeing myself surrounded by you.
For a long time no National Assembly has been convoked under
circumstances so grave, and if hitherto I have found the need of
your patriotic aid to accomplish my difficult task, to-day, more
than ever, I feel the necessity of this support.


Our frontier populations have lately been disturbed in their
domestic calm. Some, indeed, have been forced to leave their
fields and take up arms to guard the security of the country on
our southern and eastern frontiers.

You are av^are that the events v^hich have taken place in the
neighbouring provinces of the Principality, in Bosnia and the
Herzegovina,^ have created tbe difficult situation in which. Servia
finds herself to-daj. The population of these provinces, despair¬
ing of seeing the end of their sufferings, have risen, arms in
hand, to defend themselves from the abuses under which they
suffer, notwithstanding the humane and generous intentions of
His Majesty the Sultan.

In taking measures with a view to the pacification of these
Provinces, the Imperial Government is deploying at the same
time a large military force on our frontiers. These concentra¬
tions of troops round Servia augment still more the gravity of
a situation already difficult in itself. Whilst our people see a
menace in these concentrations, and demand from the Grovern-
ment means of defence, the refugees, Christians as well as
Mahommedans, fleeing from fire and sword, are seeking an
asylum within our territory, tbus bringing to our country and its
authorities new anxieties, and imposing on it immense sacrifices.

* The Insurrection broke out in July, 1875.

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