Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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13,15 Jan., 1878.]   aREAT BRITAIN AND RUSSIA.  [Nos. 511, 512
[British Interests; Dardanelles, G-allipoli.]

No. 511.—MEMORAAW UM sent   by Lord A. Loftus  to

Prince   Gortchakow,   respecting    the   Non-occupation  of

Gallipoli  by  Russian   Troops.       St.   Petersburgh,   18th
January, 1878.*

With reference to the inquiry contained in the last para¬
graph of Prince Gortchakow's Memorandum of the 16th Decem¬
ber (No. 510), Her Majesty's Government are of opinion that
any operations tending to place the passage of the Dardanelles
under the control of Russia would be an impediment to the
proper consideration of the terms of a final settlement.

Her Majesty's Ambassador is consequently instructed to ask
Prince Gortchakow whether he is willing to give assurances to
Her Majesty's Government that no Russian forces shall be sent
to the Peninsula of Gallipoli.
St. Petersburgh, ^ January, 1878.

[For Reply, see No. 512.]

No. 512.—MEMORANDUM sent hy Prince Gortchakow
to Ijord A, Loftus, respecting the Non-occupation of
Gallipoli hy British or Russian Troops. St, Petersburgh,
jII January, 1878.

(Translation as laid before Parliament).

The Imperial Cabinet has no intention of directing military
operations upon Gallipoli, unless the Turkish regular troops
should be concentrated there.

They suppose on their part, that in addressing to them this
question. Her Britannic Majesty's Government have no inten¬
tion of occupying that peninsula, a step which would not be in
accordance with their neutrality, and might give rise in Con¬
stantinople to illusions which would not favour the conclusion
of peace,

^  See also No. 517.

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