Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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3 Feb., 1879.]       aEEAT BEITAIN AND TUEKEY.            [No, 541

[Cyprus.    Crown Revenues.]

Uo. 541.—AGREEMENP between Great Britain and
Purkey, for Commuting the Ottoman Crown Property,
Revenues, ^c, of Cyprus for a fixed Annual Payment of
£5,000.    Constantinople, drd February, 1879.*

It haying been agreed between Her Britannic Majesty's
Goyernment and that of His Imperial Majesty the Sultan that
all the rights reserved to the Ottoman Grown and Government,
under Article IY of the Annex to the Conyention signed at
Constantinople on the 4th of June, 1878 (No. 525), shall be
commuted by a fixed annual money payment, the Undersigned,
the Right Honourable Austen Henry Layard, Her Britannic
Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten¬
tiary to the Sublime Porte, and his Excellency Alexandre
Caratheodory Pasha, His Imperial Majesty's Minister for
Foreign Affairs, being duly authorized so to do, hereby declare

All property, reyenues, and rights reserved to the Ottoman
Crown and Goyernment in the said Article IY of the Annex to
the Convention of the 4th June (No. 525), including all
revenue derived from tapous, mahloul, and intikal are com¬
muted hereby for a fixed annual payment of 5,O0OZ. to be made
by Her Britannic Majesty's Goyernment to that of His Imperial
Majesty the Saltan, every year during the British occupation
of Cyprus, to be calculated from the beginning of next financial

Done at Constantinople, the sra February? 1879.



* See Arrangement between the Porte and Bondholders of 20th December,
1881 (No. 591).

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