Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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7 Feb., 1880.]      GEEAT BEITAIN AND SEEYIA.             [No. 660


No. 560.—TREATY OF COMMERCE, Sfc, between Great
Britain and Servia, recording the consent of Her Majesty to
surrender conditionally the Privileges, SfC, hitherto enjoyed
by British Subjects in Servia, in virtue of the Capitulations
with the Porte,    lth February, 1880.

[A Teeaty of Friendship and Commerce was concluded be¬
tween Great Britain and Servia, on the 7th February, 1880,
which contained the following Article:—^

Aet. XIII. In consideration of the present Treaty, and as
contemplated by Article XXXVII of the Treaty concluded at
Berlin on the 13th July, 1878 (No. 530), Her Majesty the
Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
consents to surrender the privileges and immunities hitherto
enjoyed by Her subjects in Servia, in virtue of the Capitulations
between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire as agreed upon,
augmented, and altered at different periods, and finally con¬
firmed by the Treaty of Peace concluded at the Dardanelles on
the 5th January, 1809t :

Provided always, and it is hereby expressly agreed, that the
said Capitulations shall, as regards all judicial matters, except
those affecting real estate in Servia, remain in full force as far
as they concern the mutual relations between British subjects
and the subjects of those other Powers which, having a right
to the privileges and immunities accorded by the aforesaid
Capitulations, shall not have surrendered them.]

* See " Hertslet's Treaties," Yol. 15, page 346.
t See '' Hertslet's Treaties," Yol. 2, page 371.

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