Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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14 May, 1882.]           RUSSIA AND TURKEY.                     [No. 592

[Russian War Indemnity.]

No. 592.—CONVENTION between Russia and Turkey, for
the Settlement of the Russian War Indemnity, Signed at
Constantinople, Uth May, 1882.


His Majesty the Emperor of the Ottomans, and His Majesty
the Emperor of All the Russias wishing, in execution of Article
IY of the Treaty signed between Turkey and  Russia on the

8th February'? 1879 (No. 542), to rcgulatc definitively by a Con¬
vention the mode of payment of the Russian War indemnity,
and the guarantee to be assigned to it, have named for their
Plenipotentiaries :

His Majesty the Emperor of the Ottomans, on the one part,
Mehemmed Assim Pasha, his Muchir, &c.; and Mahmoud Server
Pasha, his Muchir, &c. ;

His Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, on the other
part, le Sieur Eugene Novikow, his Ambassador Extraordinary
and Plenipotentiary to his Imperial Majesty the Sultan, Privy
Councillor, &c. ; and le Sieur Theodore de Thcerner, Member of
the Council and of the Ministry of Finance, and Director of
the Department of the Treasury of the Empire, Privy Councillor,,
&c.; who, after having communicated to each other their
Powers, have agreed upon the following Articles:—

Art. I. The sum of 802,500,000 fr. which, according to
Article IY of the said Treaty (No. 542), constitutes the
amount of the indemnity of the Russian War, shall be paid by
the Ottoman Government by means of annual instalments of
£T. 350,000. It is agreed that this sum of £T. 350,000 shall
be entirely appropriated to the reduction of the capital of the
War Indemnity.

In compliance with the wish of the Ottoman Government,
the Russian Government, at the same time, consents not to
claim interest upon the said capital.

Aet. II. The Ottoman Government declares that the stipu¬
lated annuity of £T. 350,000 shall be specially derived from
the tithe and sheep tax.

Art. ill The tithes and the sheep tax appropriated to the
payment of the War Indemnity shall be assigned on those vilayets

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