Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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No. 620]                     BULaAElA AND SEEVIA.           [30 Marchfl887.


No. 620.—ACT signed hy the Governments of Bulgaria and
Servia, confirming the Decision, of IQth December, 1886, of
the Commission appointed for the Settlement of the Bregovo
Question,    Signed at Sofia, 30tk March, 1887.


The Servo-Bulgarian Commission, appointed in accordance
with Article I of the Arrangement dated ifth October,
1886, for the purpose of settling the question of Bregovo
(No. 619), having, at its sitting of the 16th December, 1886,
agreed '' that the meadow {prairie^ of Bregovo in dispute shall
form an integral part of the Kingdom of Servia, and that the
ancient bed of the Timok between the said meadow and the
Bulgarian village of Bregovo was the political frontier between
ihe Kingdom of Servia and the Principality of Bulgaria," the
Undersigned, duly authorised for that purpose, confirm by these
presents the said Decision of the Commission, and declare that
they accept it in the name of their respective Governments,
without prejudice to the other engagements equally stipulated
for in the above-mentioned Article.

In faith of which the Undersigned have affixed to the
present Act their signatures and the seal of their Chanceries.

Done in duplicate at Sofia the 30th March, 1887.

[M. Danitch was  Servian Diplomatic Agent at Sofia, and
M. Natchovitch the Bulgarian Minister for Foreign Affairs.]

Note.—The Occupation by Bulgaria of the frontier post at 'Bregoyo was
one of the causes wliich led to the War hetween Servia and Bulgaria in
November, 1885. In June, 18.84, Diplomatic Eelations were suspended
between the two States, arising out of the following causes :—1. The
•^colonization of Servian emigrants upon the frontier of the two countries,
aggravated by the agitations of certain chiefs of the former revolution,
who had chosen the capital of Bulgaria as a centre most favourable to
their plots. 2. The occupation of a frontier post at Bregovo by an armed
Bulgarian force, without following the course universally adopted in analogous
cases of litigation hetween neighbouring and friendly countries ; and, 3, The
disputed political ownership of the said frontier j)ost (near the village of
Bregovo).   The claim of Servia to the prairie of Bregovo was based on the

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