Hertslet, Edward, The map of Europe by treaty

(London :  Butterworths [etc.],  1875-91.)



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CONVENTION betiveen Greece and Turkey, respecting
the Su2}pression of Brigandage. Signed at Canlidgia^
-^-^th Ai^ril, 1856.

[Referred to in Art. XII of Convenfcion of 24th May, 1881,
respecting the Turco-Greek Frontier, No. 584.]

Aet.                                               Table.


1.  Pursuit and Apprehensioji of Brigands.

2.  Trial, &c., of Brigands.

3.  Employment of Troops.

4.  Meetings of Ofiicers of the two States.

5.  Crossing of the Frontier by Troops.

6.  Army Deserters.

7.  Duration of Convention.

8.  Eatifications.


His Majesty the King of Greece, on the one part, and His
Imperial Majesty the Sultan, on the other, animated with the
sincere desire of strengthening public order and security in the
frontier provinces of their States, and considering that nothing
will contribute more to the accomplishment of their mutual
wishes in this respect than the conclusion of a Convention
having for its object the suppression of brigandage by means of
efficacious measures drawn up in agreement for that purpose^^
have furnished, to that effect, their full powers for the conclusion
and signature of this Convention.

His Majesty the King of Greece, Otho I, le Sieur Andre G»
Coundouriotis, His Minister Resident at the Sublime Ottoman
Porte, &c.;

And His Imperial Majesty the Sultan Abdul Medjid Khan^

* For French version, see *' State Papers," vol. Ivi, p. 1389.
  Page 3209