The matricula or Register of admissions & graduations & of officers employed in King's College at New-York ()

(    1754-1777.)



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«^    ziyi^zcy^rzr   z,   ZZ.^   ZZZZ   zzA'-^dZ^ZAzrr.                                             Z

y.   Jr AÂyi.y£»   ZZz,yTyy  y^   -^J-Z^cy-,

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y _ yx^ Zzzy.^fy y yyyz.,z^Mh,^ yzZyy fyz^y^^/yrNy^y^zzyy^^    I
7.. /,»,^>fc^*^ ^z'^ A'^^^^"'^^z'~^>o-y-^           -yyy

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//   ^zr^y^ z^^^jZ^y^.AAZly^ y-       -^^'-7-^^.5^ ^^Z

AdAzAd  ddddd^"^'^^^ d^^^^-A-^^

^Jl -     y^<y^—yzyp^^ts-y^^    zyy^^:y^yy.z^y^i^ y^i^,^^.^^ e^y.<y a^-€Z'

/?• Âz"Zizyiyzi,=.zyÂyzZc^^yy^^Zî^yziyyy^ ^^ ^Zz^.. ô^&j'' /^   zZ-^^.^_
zj. y.,i,yyz>yr zZ- ,yz,yZy w, ^„a, "Zr^yz -yz^zTif-^^J^yA^ ^^^^^^^--

.   P^C.  ZZzVyCZZ.   ^^,yzM<zJy  .,   <..«   ZZ^    yz^^.,^y   ^^,       ^   j^     ^^'^"'"V^



It.       zZzz^y/Z'yzy/^y^    , y..^        Oy^ y

Pl_     JzZyzzZ^yiZ'Zy t&,


'Zy Zi>p. y^t.iyrzzyfz-
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