The Black book or book of misdemeanors in King's College New-York 1771-1775. ()

(New-York: :  Printed for Columbiana at the the University Press,  1931.)



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The Black Book of King's College                  13

All the: firewood to be moved immediately out of y^ Rooms; and
nothing but Coals to be used, on any pretence whatsoever.

Students going without their Caps and Gowns, to be presented to the
next Board of Governors.

[p. 26]

Quarterly Visitation, April 11, 1775.
The Committee having agreed at their last Visitation but one, to
presenting every Student to the Board, for Degradation, who should
owe two Exercises at once;   and finding that the following are indebted
in the manner hereafter mentioned, viz.

< Amory



< Davan


not done one Word.



dischargedj as to this.




< Moore'






Do therefore recommend them to the Board accordingly: At the same
Time, as this is the first Time of their executing what was formerly
agreed to. They would advise the two first., viz. Livingston and Amory^
who will be of Standing for A.B. the next Commencement, to translate
daily into English, elegantly and correctly, one Chapter of Llvy, be¬
ginning at C.39 of B.4. till the Second Tuesday In May (over and above
all regular Duties) then to be given In to the Board, at their Annual
Meeting, which being approv'd of, and the Exercises which they owe at
present being paid, the Committee will recommend them to all reasonable
Lenity [p. 27] Lenity: But Amory not to stir out oJ College^ from Morn¬
ing to Evening Prayers, each Day; on Account of his unprecedented
neglect of Prayers and other Duties, till the Day aforesaid:

The others to be dealt with according to their former Resolution;
i.e., recommended to the Board for Degradation, till they shall have com¬
pleted Double of every Task they owe, and shall be deem'd worthy
of Restoration.

Moncrieffe, tho' ordered by the Committee, to stay within the College-
walls 'till he had performed his Exercises, having gone frequently and
repeatedly out, to be recommended as above.

^ Daniel Moore, entered 1774; Ensign i6th New York Regiment 1778.
* James Stiles, entered 1774, "left the College in 2'^ year" [Matricula].
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