The Black book or book of misdemeanors in King's College New-York 1771-1775. ()

(New-York: :  Printed for Columbiana at the the University Press,  1931.)



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The Black Book of King's College                     15

order that others may not hope to escape due punishment, shou'd They
act in the same disorderly and undutiful manner.

At a Visitation of the Committee'-

July 4, 1775.

<Reid & Johnson for entertaining Company, & making an un¬
seasonable Noise, at unreasonable Hours, to be confined to College till
next Sunday, & have such additional Exercises, as the President shall
think proper; & In Case of their leaving College during that Time, or
failure of performing those Exercises, to be presented to the next Board
of Governors for Degradation or Expulsion.

Agreed, that the Committee of Visitation will present every Student
to the Board for Degradation, who shall hereafter absent Himself from
two Recitations in Succession.

Mr. Johnston to be presented to the Board for going out of the Gate,
contrary to the express Command of the Committee.>

[p. 30]           At a Visitation, by adjournment,^

April 25,
<Nicon i'°"M     <Not having prepared their Exercises, as ordered at
Davan       \        y^ last Visitation, to be represented to the Governors
Willett       (        at y^ next anniversary Meeting, the "^ Tuesday in
Stlles>       *        May,>

At the annual Meeting of ye Governors, May 9'"^ i775- The Presi¬
dent representing to the Board, that all the other Delinquents, but
Moncrieffe and Stiles, had, tho' not in proper Time, performed their
respective Exercises; the Governors are pleased, for this once, with the
Advice of the Committee of Visitation; to accept of ye Exercises of the
others, and to order Moncrieffe and Stiles to be degraded, upon the fol¬
lowing Condition, viz;

Moncrieffe for breaking frequently thro' his Confinement
Stiles for not having done one Exercise, as ordered at the last Visitation —
to be degraded till they have performed Double of all the Exercises
they owe, this Day; and not to be restored, [p. 31 ] till such Time as

^ The rest of this page is in the handwriting of Benjamin Moore, B.A. 1768, M.A. 1771,
D.D, 1789; President pro tem. 1775-1776, Professor of Rhetoric and Logic 1784-1787,
President 1801-1811; P. E. Bishop of New York 1801-1816; died 1816,

^ Handwriting of Myles Cooper resumed.
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