Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

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BEGIimiH<J MAiiCri 1st. 1919
fti March 1st. 1919 at 1 FaJ. on oatireak by Korean people through¬
out the whole country against the Japanese rule began, and the
independence of Koroa from Japan wae read and doclamd in a num¬
ber of l^rge cities at almost the same mranant. This movement has
continued unabated for more then six weeks and has gained force
with the days ifcich have passed. It would be idle to attempt
any thing more at this time, than a chronicle of what has actually
•ccurred and a filing of such documents as will prove of value or
interest later. T-rith this purpose in mind, the misoionaries in
Pyeng Yang have contributed the material which follows.

1 aaaller amount of information has been secured from persons
(missionaries and others) dwelling in other places and whenever
this information has been found to be accurate and pertinent has
been incorporated in the chronicle. But the aim has been to report
the occurrences in Pyeng Yang and the country surrounding the sane.

In almost every case the reports have bean verified and when such
verification has not been made note has been made Oi the fact.

It is to be xmderstood that this report is confidential.
Kie contributors of the reports do not give permission for the use
of tjneir njimes. It is alco^understood that while many have collabor¬
ated in the chronicle, this^not a joint effort but a private
and individual report.

The writer has no intention of taking sides in the political
questibns involved. Por has he a desire to become partisan even
as between the Japanese and Koreans^ If facts presented heroin
s^kem to indicate such a basis, it muct be set down to the overwhelm¬
ing force of the evidence itself. The chronicler of events as they
are in the course of taking place can with difficulty dissociate him¬
self from the events. But so far as pcssible, the perconal element
will be kent out of the Shronicle.

The Independanje of Kprea from Japan was simultijneously declared
in Seoul, Pyeng Yang, Chinnampo, Syon Chxin, 'Bonsan, and a number of
other large cities on Saturday afternoon, Uarch Ist.

The best account of events in Pyeng Yang for the first few days
of l&rch Is the following written by Mr. A---:-
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