Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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-ruxiTs^-fffikhL the ?rsubyt<;.EJ.ujL.fi.hurchos of tho city.    ficv. rim Suxuiu.,.,
puater of tho iifth Church and modttratoj^^yf"thfa.^tiji<)jal.^r.acjhljr

-n I entered.    Pa&tor i:an^ Lyuchan of the Fourth
Cturch had already spoken revie-flng the life history of the late
sasjsror.    After ri:n 'trndu had finished speaking he said that they
would now sing the doxology and that the be^diction v/ou.ld >g pron¬
ounced and that would end the iiomorial pairt of the aei-vice Uut reciuest-
eu  tht      -o^r.l;   to  remain Bcat.3d as  there v.fere some other things   to
be done.

i^nr the behediction had b«en pronouucod „i-. Cundu read
two pa£.sago3 of Scripture as follows:   1 Pet.3:13-17 and P.oa.9:3.
it was evident frou his iatonatiou as ho read those v/rods that
something serious nas on th« docket.    Thon Ch\mg Ilsun,  a graduate
of the College and now helper in the Fourth Church,   took the plat¬
form and said he had an important co-uunication to read.    He said it
was thb happiest and proudoat day of his life and tho he dies to¬
morrow he could not help but road it.    There T;as a great cheer went
up from the oydience.    ii<» then proceeded to read what was virtually
li declaration of  independeuca  of th« iwOrean people.    After he had
finished another aan took the floor and ©.^lainod just what the
people  "'ere  expected to  do  S-vin^ that nothing of an unlawful na¬
ture was to be porraitted  in tho loast 'jtit that the people were to
follov the  instructions given and n-iire  no  resistance  to   the aT'thor-

ities nor attach; Thy Japanei-c people or officials. ' nnv; jyuchan
then sd-^roasod the poc^ile i-elatie to tlie aubjuct ox national iu-
doofcndcnois. han he had I'i.iiaiiou. co^c i-ion caj'j i»ut of unc juilu-
iug boai-iuj araloads of i-^all » oroaii 'fla^t v.'hicn they jas;-ed o..t
to the people. *: lar_o ,orcxu fla_^ vm:j then I'astouoU to tho rraill
back of the  speakers'   st'nd .lad  th&n  thcj  crovd T'out vllfi  ihouting
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