Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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1. Because Japan guaranteed the independence and integrity of Korea
by the Treaty of Shinonoseki in 1895.

2. Because Japan went to war with Ifiassia in 1904 expressly to pre¬
serve the independence of Korea and the peace of the Far East.

3. Because America guaranteed tha integrity of Korea by the treaty
of 1882.                                                                                                      ^       •,

4. Because ITorea was neither conquered nor won hy Japan. She was only
cheated and rohhed of her independence. Should it he said that
Japan will liberate i:orea if France gives up Annam, America the

Philippines ceded to Anerica by Spain, and areat Britain mdia, which
was won by the British while Bunia waa conquered, Korea's case is
quite different.  Japan has, therefore, ao claia oa liorea.

5. If the civilized world has an/ regard for the principles for which
they have made the immense sacrifices, they must press on Japan to
liberate Lorea at onoe.

3. Because Korea, a nation T/ith a splendid oiviliBation extending back
4000 years, is beinj emasculated and oppressively governed. The
nation is on the verge of being extinct, aad the cry of 20,000,000
will not leave humanity at rest unless Justice is done to her
now and at once.

7. If the Allies have restored the Czecho Slovaks to independence
after so many centuries of slavery, and forced Germany to vacate
Belgium, Serbia, etc., why should poor Korea's case be neglected?

8. Korea being the bey to the Far Eastern nations, if she ia not lib¬
erated now, Asia will have strong reasons to doubt the sincerity

of the Bestern peoples and may thiuk that the Tjest has got a double
standard of justice, one for Asia and ;inother for Europe.

9. Truth must be respected above all if the Allies wish to "make the
world a decent place to live in" and justice done to Korea, or v;e
will have reasons to conclude that the Wast is afraid of Japan and
shirks her great responsibility to Asia.

10.Because it is absolutely necessary to avert another great wae if

Korea is not restored to independence and the Par East thus left in
the same condition in which the Balkans were before the '.Tar. Hemember
the same results follow when the same conditions exist.

Memorandum of program of proceedure.

1. Interview the delegates of the different natioas at the Conference
and secure sympathy and support for the iror&aji cause.

2. Interview influential men who are r^ow gathered in Paris in an un¬
official capacity in connection with the Peace Conference.

3. Present in an intelligent way t)se condition of affairs in ir.orea
under the Japanese military rdle, politically, ooonouically, educa¬
tionally and religiously.

4. Show the ulterior aim of Japan tov/ards Korea and the Koreans.

5. tihow Japan's ulterior aim in the Par East regarding kanchuria, Si¬
beria, Shant'ong, Yangtze Valley, ndiien, 3iaa, the Philippines, the
South Sea Islands and India.

6. Show that Eorea is the key to the Far Eastern Question historically,
geOt;raphioally, strategically.

7. Get tho sympathetic cooperation of the influential and reapcnEible
pressmen of America, England, Fiance and Italy and. create a world-
wideopinion regarding the neoeseii;y of Korea's liberatioa.

8. Use all the influential organs cf America, England, France, Italy and
China in informing the world of Koiea's present condition and creat¬
ing sjrmpathetic opinions of the 'worlds statesmen and diplomatic leaders
and the peoples of the fiiffereat nations.

9. Open prese bureau in Paris, London,. I'ew York, San Francisco, Shanghai,
etc. and use ail other possible methods of publicity either directly
or indirectly. Keep the East info.Tmed of what is taking place in the
opluiona of the Western countries regarding th© Far Eastern Question
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