Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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°" *^' Itl^j^tl  ^?^S' the first article of which reads as follows•-

of the 5ni?td sta?e?'^^''^'" T^'^^ and fpiend.^hip between the President

Ehs excellent example aet by the Units'd .statoa of a recinrocallv
friendly interest expressed in treaty was followed by Grelt Br?tlin
lllt^.t'^TfTrf,^  treaty Signed at Hanyang on the 23th Kovembe? '

PartL^t^I f t^i?ri^^^?,^Sf oi^?^JI!:S CoL?fo^fn.^f^trif ^'^^
^Sablf a^?an%^°At!"^' ^^^'^ "^ goof offices to br^^ioi? ^

tiartfs^who^^.f of'S?^""^^^ F^'^' *^° Chinese and Japanese plenipoten¬
tiaries who met at Shimonoseki to discuss terms of Sea-" ±i bPtw«^^ +>,<.

orthe'fsrol'An^fl'lS^'^ l^'  f"^"^"" °^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^"
dralt clause af follows?: *''" ■'^^^"""' plonipotentaries submitted a*

^"^ ^^HJ'^ ^^^^  suggestion Li Hung Chang wrote •-
ness to reco,'n!zf Ih^u?? fS^ ^^.^^^^^s ago indicated its willing-
the oomnll^e Seutrl^ft^ ii ?^ complete independence and fuarantee
i^neeompiete neutrality of Korea and is read.y to Insert aurh i  p+i^

^io^d\ikewlt*r''*^'; ^r^ \^  "^^^ recipred^, Sucrs?ipu?ation '*■'

April? aalollo'wst?'^""' plenipotantary replied the next day, the 10th

to al&lrf ?r?h?s"a??Slf a'"^;?^;:^?t"-^°"°^'^f^^ -=--^
plenipotentaries! ^^^"■^'^ ''''' vi^^.r.r.i..y prosontod by the Chinese

mi and complete independent In* a. to^o^^^'^^I^^^L.^ir^^^I^^^if Lt:

showef jI^rinMraSfn^'t^f ?f.r P^l''^>^od yost.rday
Korea, in other words w^enrhtS - ^^^ --i^lepenaC^nce and sovereignty of
iance to China Then in IR^? S" I      country from its ancient alleg-

o unmu. Then m 1882 we have the United States recognizin| the
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