Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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The BOings of the Pyengyang Pressmen,

With Special Reforonco to t e Events o^ tho'l?ro8ont Time,

A few da-7S ago'tW'.^6ngy5ng''Pro'83menmo7 again to oonslder tho pro-
sent disturbances, In this mooting It was said that the missionaries of the
Christian Church were about t.> moot and considor these disturbances and so
tJc prssmsn deoided to send tho following lettor to thooi-^Aro you in pesoet
Ths idea of indopondenoe is vory great but wo hope the Koreans will roftliee
':Ue uselossness of it and go in tho right road.If tho fflisslonarles v/ould help
•^lid Koreans to do the right thing it would bo greatly approolated*Although
'50 have not seen for ourselves »yot the word ie oommon around that tho mls-
aionarlea havo a part in these disturbencos.Al^hough we do not think these re*
ports are tru,yet it would be well if the missionaries and tiresBmon could h
have a mooting and talk ovor what part if any has been takon by tha mission¬
aries. In this way the rrong ideas between the Japanose and Koreans oan bo
removed.We would appreciate it if tho time and plaoo oould be aot for thia

(31gncd)The Pressmen.of Pyongyang.    The fith, day.

(This ooomunieatlon was sent to Br.Moffott.ar.Holner.Dr.Moore and

(Seoul ?xeae,April 6,1919.)


On Thursday last,reports a Pyeng Yang message,nins delegates of Chris
tlan Japanese in that city called on ropTOsontatlye missionaries ani  advised
thea to dissuade their flocks from taking part in the agitation by pdlntlng
o\it to them the futility of the movement.

What answer the missionaries, made is not yet reported*
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