Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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tate lerioS^elle^ef!" ''•^*^** '''°'' ^'" "'^^^^''^ *" bonea.Had to a«pn
XiB Kynn Ho.aged 19.
StBj Heung Hyo,aged 60.
Syo Tfung 3yo]£,aged 23

yais sI?«ng1S^a^a°':f!l !I;!^°* ^^^'^^'^ ''''''  ^''^^^ °''- rertobra.Paral-
0^ S'cKgedle^'^'"*""' shouldor.aust be operated on.
lee Chi Paik,aged 29.
Cha Pyung Kyoo,aged 36.

lou oannot ouro me.If I am to reoover.God only oan heal me.ManSelTmanael."

_  _                                BEAIE IHJURSB £V FIREUSH.

BtatioB Iftor*th^'?i;C'!5 ^ TV" V^^  """^ "^icli gathered near the poll..
ilTmll the r.I^?t^^^i°^,?^ the atonoa on Saturday lasi-.This stone throw-
mLIL fro^f ^^\S^ the firemen's having turned the fire hose on the
tad th^Lfl^ *» l^^, ^°^l'"'  station.Ihe indignant crowd then took atonoa
loL «^!^f l^'^ 5''?^® ^^^ *^^ windows.The firemen oamo out with their
Jong f^ra hooka and drove the crowd away and in the affair he waa ^t™L i„

««l ^^^"'^ ^^^ ^°°^ "^  °^«^' i»*o ^^^ brain^Eisoondftlon wit serious  ■
^Te^!f' '" """^  "^" '^^^ "" ^"'^^ i« « believer. (Later.ms^^e.

i»t«r,i»»%^ !!""'*^^'':^*°^** .Governmeat School Inspector,called for an
mteryiew to aaoertain the views of the foreignors.We spoke of a «■««? «r«^

Among his questions wora the following:

I.CauBQS of the uprising.

2.Wl»t the Koreans really want.

a.What oan be done to meet tha oresent situation.

4.H0W about secularization of oduoation?

B.Regarding tha doing away of private schools altogether?

C.Bogarding the part of the Church in the UDrislng?

7.Views of foreigners.                                        '

in rapSSSfafnfthrf^linds:-" '""^ ^^^^^--^-^ otnot.l.  are coming

i>or« fhlS^'^J^^^^^f ^ afternoon at I.P.M.the frofoct in the oity summoned
pore than 30 proolnont business and official Koreans to hia oMl^ein tL
frefectural Bnilding.Only 24 men attended of whom seven were cSiltlLs

Sirnalt^^d^r Mm^b^fif^'^f' '"' '^'  Government.ThrPrllecHnft^'iffi-
j«r next under him.besides a Korean newspaper reoorter and a jiorean Inter-
ff^liL'™" -°«3«=t-Ilio meeting lasted f.'^i i to-4;30 P?S.TL^?^3e olthe

it ,^I*f^ ttMttgli In the Pon4neula.lt was necessary that all who desired
to restore order and who were opposed to suoh disturtanoos should u^ito

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