Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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Apparently an order has gone out to seise every pastor, church
officer and Christian school teacher. In many places already, these
men have been taken. The rest are fleeing for safety. The soldaers
and gendaiBies are looking for them. If they oannot find them by day
they ''o again at night. If the men are not at home, they demand of
the women to tell where they are.  If the woaen cannot tell or re¬
fuse to tell, the soldiers drag them by the hair and (or) beat them.


The Japanese in the oity are freely saying that at least half
the Christians must be ^ot rid of before there oan be any tieace tor
the Japanese. A reign of terro has been instituted. All church and
school officers are being arrested. People are being asked whetbe r
they are Christians. Those who say that they are not are generally
not molested. Those who admit thajs they are Christians are beaten
and arrested.                                                                                           . .   „_

1. At wiriE the elders were arrested and after receiving <;»
lashes were released. There was no special reason for this except
that they were Christians.                                                                      ,  ,

2. At Jhoongv/ha the deacons were simildrly sarested ana aiter re-
ceivin.-^ 15 lashes each were released. There was no special reason.

3 At the same place certain Christian women vjere dragged out
\)j their hair and forced to pay a fine of Yen Five. There was ao
special reason.                                                                             ^  ^                             t n.»,j

4. At the saxae place Deacon No after being beaten rras  compelled
to si^-n three papers which said respectively:-

(a) That he would not shout mansei again.

(b) That he possessed-------property.

(o) That he would hereafter obey the lawa.
He had done nothing special.


On Saturday the 3th. a lot of -prisoners in two divisions
passed on the largo road through the kiosion compound enroute to
the police station. The first consisted of 12 men, the second of
88 men all with their hands securely tied and the whole tied togeth¬
er. Behind this procession oame an ox cart on which two others
were brought in bound down to the carts, mort, dead apparently than
alive. These men oame from Syungohun, a strong Cbuntokyo center
about 140 li from here.


It is reported in the country that the Japanese nokata (low-
down coolies) are following the soldiers and are spreading terror
amon^i the Christian women. Thoir plan is said to be to ravish the
Christian women. The i-eport has not been verified.

lo-15 YX.-'.3 OLD GIRLS Alffir.ET:.D.

The indiscriminate character of the arrests made is evidenced
-\>j  the arrests of girls from 13 to 15 years of aje. These school
girls did no violence but simply ran on the streets like a lot of
little butterflies, now here, now there singin„, waving little Eorean
flags and taunting the soldieru. They were arrested accordingly
just as any other offenders, some beaten, some scolded and iothers haled
to jail.
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