Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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Today I went to Chungwha to see how the ohuroh there was
_jjeft-tljig~-along after the recent political disturbance,(the pastor and six
officers of tho church are in jail),I left Pyeng Yang on the early morning
train 7:00 A.*. At the station oefore I boarded the train,a policeman de¬
manded to ses my p8ss?ort,and recorded my name and ago.Ho asked me where I
was: going and v.hen I was coming back,on what train.I told him I would be
bEoic on the II a'clock train.When I returned from Chungwha that same morn¬
ing,t:^e polioe at the gate did not .ask for sj? pas3?ort when I turned in my
ticket at the station.

Jrorn tho station I. wont t.o the Seventh Church on my way homo.The help
er of the church,Kim Ousuk,lives in the little Korean house in front of tha
church building.He has some white Leghorn chickens,and I wanted to ask him
about getting a setting of egjs.When I called at his house,he was out in
the yard.He asked me to oome in the house,or else go into the ohuroh if we
wanted to talk quietly.I said I had nothing to say to him privately,but
that we oould talk out there ih the yard.I asked him how many eggs he had
cr. hand.He said he had only four or five butj! th-.t in a few days he rioul3(
have enough to set a hen with.During our conversation about the oggs,KiD,
Korean-like,used the fingers on his hand to count with,and perhaps I too,
nade some motion with my hands.I did not stay long,but after intiuiring abot
the eggs,ani asking him to save enough for me a setting,! oarao right on

Ihat night at one o'clock,Helper Kim waa sudionly »T7akoned by the
call of a man trying to get in his front gate.He opened the gate and the
man oame in to his house.He was a Korean dressed In citizen's clothes.He
asked him If a foreigner had been to his houae that day.Kim said "Kes" -and
told him my name.The caller asked how old this foreigner was.Kim did not
know exactly.The caller helped him out by asking If he thought I was 34-
whioh is my age-and Kim told him he thought I was about that old.Then the
caller suddenly faoed Kim with, "How you tell me just what you and that for
aigner talked about.You made an agreement to do something four days from
noW|«n4 CE want to know just what that agreement was."Kim assured the detac
tive that we hai talked about hen eggs only,but the man was vory auspicious
and kept questioning him as to what all those hani mDtlons msact during our
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