Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

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short conversation together.He got no satisfaction out of Kim,onlyogs,eggs,
oggs,and finally ho picked up his hat in disgust and started out.Before he
wont out he admitted to Kim that ho had not gathered muoh valuable informa¬
tion about this foroignor whom ho had shadowed from ^he railway station
back to tho mission compound.He also told Kim he was sorry ho had to inter¬
rupt hia sleep in the middle of the night;but he was only a elave Korean
^Imself and had to do what his boas told hia to do.

And now I suppose the report will come out in some Issue of the Japan
sse press that all these missionaries havo to do Is to raise ohiokens.

Jiore-Events Happening Durins March. (March 3I,X9I9).
One method of torture being usei on some of tho school boys now in
the possession of the polioe,notably upon tho son of Kil ffioksa,Involved tho
tying of tho arms together above tho elbows and drawing them back antll tbs
elbows finally touched.Then some .kind of manacle was substituted for tho
cords and the arms thus held firm.Then the prisoners wore laid upon a whip¬
ping platform and unmercifully beaten.After the boating the manaolea were
removed,but the aot of thus drawing the arms back must have pataotloally dls
located tha shoulders for thoy remained aa theiwere until tho polios struck
the shoulders soundly in front thus bringing the bones again Into thoir
Eookets.After this cold wator was applied to the shoulders.

During the (ast month the following facts havo been ascertained and
these Incidonts havo been reasonably verified in all oases and accurately
so In most oases.

1. In tho Soonan district, noar Chajak.ths uprising began as in <»
other Bsaeaz plaoes, with meetings and shouting of Mansei.The soldiers ap¬
peared and attempted to disperse the crowds.Tho oommandlng officer finally
eont out word asking that representatives from all the near-by districts
should assomble at a certain place to counsel with him regarding the whole
affair.These mon oamo.The oommandlng officer then aska.l all who were Christ
ians to stand.Th* rest were told they might go.The Christians wore arrested
This is a case In which a olear distinction was made between Christians and

2. It is olaimod that Christians are all in this indeoondenc© move¬
ment, snd that the non-Christians are not.Ono explanation for this aoparent
phenomenon is m tho character of the two kinds of people.The Christia.rs
usually admit that they were in tho demonstrstions when they were,being for
the most part truthful.Tho non-Ghristians have no moral or religious ground
which make it undesirable that thoy lie .and hence they sav with imounity
that they were not demonstrators e^en when they were.This is a partial ex-
p..anation of the claim whioh has been made so often of late.

., . .?■ ^^  Soonan,an elder was boaten almost 100 blows,until ho was nearly
dead.At the same place orisonors were kept for three days with only one

..., .*,',•'■? *"" places it is definitely known that the polioe used the klm-
ehi(pickle) jars.whioh were full of food,as 5T.C. vessels.At Pansyuk tha
Ohuroh building was used in the same way by the s.ildiers.

6. At PapBlk ,the teacher of the Christian school wae arrested and
terriblK used up,having been out eight times with bayonets.Tho onlookers
wore so horrified that they tried to rescue tho man and because of this tho
soldiers shot into, the crowd killing five and injuring more.
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