Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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very pointed in their questions,   asking particularly about mv knowlode-
of or connection with the  IndependenormeetingTflSr^ let    ab^rmv
secretary,  his being on my place and about tht keynTtSf ho^^e  in^hich
h^ h?^ ^^^"^ ''''^ whether he  oould have had the use of thrhou:^ In which
he had been and whether he oould have had the use of my mimeopranhr
whether with my consent  and toowlegge,   as  to  the use Z which thev had
desk 11 kr Ituiv'^^f .f °f  the th?fe'papers found inVsecrata?^.^''
^?^t/L^      ^ ^^ '^^""t "^ absence  in Seoul,   about  the  salaries of mv
tlllL7fn\^''^ secretary and my own financial'condition;  laying ? was^
auest^onin-  ?. w^.rfi*'"^^   °'™^^S m^ich land.    After an hour's ^
q.uest..onin^ m which they learned that  I knew nothing:    had oon<-PntPrt  tn
nothing was  m no way party to or knew of anythtag which may Sale
been done by my secretary or others  on  the  pla«e tx with Sv miSILrar^h

wo?kr'?h'r? haniirf ".^'^ ^^^^^^^ *° '^^ mlmeoIraph^on:cfe?fe
and children .tthfS^ ? ?®°''i °? account of medical work for ay wife
n? -h» ^^ ^    I ,.^ iiospital  and that Ihhe  land  in my name was the  ^ronertv

?helLS?io°n.'^'^'""^' °'  *^^ '^^^^"^^ -^ °^ -^°1-' *^" SSiiSI"*^^

I then made request for a policeman to accompany me and Tfr
.Mowry home as it was near midnight and a missionf?^\ad recently been

clu^fant it'fas .°ot'^^^''? '%*^° ^"^^^^^^ ^^ two^anesramed witS
that thPrP Ir L f saie lor foreigners to be out at night. They said
that there was no danger but I called their attention to the fact that
tht  lo^M?^ ^T^^^^ were.publishing abusive articles ab^t us anl that
^P^/f .^^"^ Japanese had great hatred towards us. They consented to

before.  I asked if I^mght speak to them but was refused pemiasion to
.  .'• After waiting eoae twenty minutes the procurator 'md'hi'^ in'

™= sit ,S SS.i4 2.. ?J«'; S°f^ "" "■!' ~"'«"" »"■ •™i««i«i
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