Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

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April 23,1919
At a certain Market Tovm (LL) soldiers have been quartered 6or
some time past. There boing no barracks there, the Chuntokyo meeting houas
has been seized and used as barracks. The soldiers have also gone to the
GhriBt-ian Church and taken all the furniture they found useful. This in¬
cluded lamps, mats, clocks, chairs and benches. Ho request was made to ■
anyone for permission to use them.

In this place the Christians have been so terrorized that since
March 1st they have not been able to hold any Church services.

Hot only so but every houses has been assessed Yen 5.00 to feed the
soldiers stationed here.

April 23, 1919
Number of churches in territory.                                                                    58

1.Meeting regularly.                                                                                       53

2.  "   irregularly.                                                                                     2

3.Not meeting at all.                                                                                       3

4.Burned                                                                                                                  0

5.Damaged.                                                                                                              5

(The damage done being broken doors and windows, destruc¬
tion of books, rools, pulpits and lamps.)
Number of pastors.                                                                                                  14

l.On their job,(two ware hiding, but working now.)     ,    9
2.Arrested, now in jail.                                                                                 3

3.Unable to work.                                                                                                2

4.Released.                                                                                                            1

Number of Helpers.                                                    '                                             14

l.On their job, (partially on job, -vrorking carefully).       7
2.Arrested.                                                                                                            0

3.Unable to work.                                                                                                3

Other officers; general statement,

1.Number without official leadership.                                                     6

2.One church is reported as having increased in numbers

The church in general seems paralized. Men, especially are
afraid to meeti for worship, for fear of being arrested. Particularly
if this true of the officers. Lack of leaders present, revoal the
danger to all and constitutes a condition unfavorable to worship.  In
most of the churches where pastors and helper are at work, -the work
is done very quietly so as not to arouse suspicion.  In some of the
churches the people fear to have the helper call, lest that call should
subject them to suspision and arrest.

April 24, 1919
At Morak where the people of a number of villages gathered for a
demonstration and shouted "Mansei", the police, one Japanese and two
Koreans, are said to have fired into -the crowd, killing a number and xoxid
woundtog others. This enraged the crowd; and the people surrounded the
three policemen, killing the two Korean policemen. The Japanese finding
shelter in the ghlioe quarters, kept firing out of tho window, whereupon
■i;na building was sdt fire and the Japanese finally killed. After this
the gendarmy of Kangsa was notified, and gendarmes and polioe were sent
out, who damaged the ohuroh, breaking doors, windows and lamps, and made
many arrests,a; The pastor's house also is said to have been destroyed.
At Pamsyuk a n-umber of officers came and tore down the bell-tower
and carried away the bell-clapper; broke all the glass ui the windows of
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