Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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the cause of the uprising two or three missionaries have been arretted

and have been examined .......There are a good many shallow-minded people

among the missionaries and they make the minds of the Koreans bad, and
they piant the seeds of democracy. So the greater part of tae 300,000
Korean Christians do not like the union of Japan and Korea, but they
are waiting for an opportunity-for i'reedom.

"These missionaries look upon the present Korean as they did the
old Korean and they consider it proper for the Eoreans to say anything
they want if they only enter the Christian schools. They take the
statement of Wilson about the self-determination of nations and hide
behind their religion and stir up the people.

"However the missionaries have tried to apply the free customs of
other nations to these Korean people who are not wholly civilized.
Froa the part whioh even girl students in Christian schools have taken
it ia very evident that this uprising has come fron the missionaries.

"Behind this uprising we see the ghost like appearance (To-gabi)
waving hia Yfand. This ghost is really hateful, malicious, fierce. . Who
is this ghost wearing the dark clothes? The missionaries and the
Chuntokyo. These missionaries who have oome out to Korea, what are they?
Their wisdom, character and disposition is of the low trash of the
American nation. They have sold themselves for the petty salary of Yen
300,00 -oei-  year, and they crept out, on reptiles on their bellies, as far
as Korea? There is nothins good that can be said of their knowledge,
character and disposition.                                                                       .

"These messengers of Sod are only after money and are sitting
around their houses with full stomachs. The bad things of the world
all start from such trash as theae. They plaimed this dirty vrork and
got into league with the Chintokyo.  If all this considered, these
missionaries are all hated brutes."


In the foreign dailies similar, but much milder charges aro al¬
lowed to appear. The Japan Advertiser of March 9th says:

"UiSBlonaries of a certain country are behind the Eorean Jaoba!"
declares "a high official of the War Department" according to the
Nichl Nichi.(Again reported by a native paper.)

This military officer is also yuoted ae saying;"Behind the mob is
instigation by missionaries of a certain country."
In the same issue it is said:

"According to the Hoohi, it is rumored that several American mission¬
aries have already been arrested on suspicion of having instigated
the Korean outbreaks, and aro nov? -under secret examination."

"  "kr. Komatsu, late Director of Foreign Affairs in the aovernment
General of Korea, is Quoted by the Hochi as sayin^;: "'^lienever dis¬
turbances occurred in the nast, they (the Missionaries) assumed an un¬
concerned air, without doin.^ oven so auoh aa issuing wamin^^s or advice
to their congregations to show respect for authority and to prevent them¬
selves from boing implicated in the trouble.        .

".....The American missionarios include in their number some vmo

have no sovnd judgGment and discretion. Such people confuse the ideas of

the Koreans..___ As a result, some Koreans converted to Christianity

are so foolish as to have rocouree to radical action...... It may

safely be declared that micaionaries are responsible for tho fact that
the advanced ideas of foreign countries have been diffused without
any modifications among the Koreans, whose state of civilization is
not yot very high, and for tho fact that aaon^ thot-e taking part in the
disturbance were e'ii"! students."

It would be unfair to give the a>avo quotations without at the
same time referring to the official .-tatement published in the same paper
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