Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

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ynmpen^ caxmot liny the Intolligeat people of Egypt,
BtaSQ to a niajd for British mlo. It ia only the poorest and aost
Ignorant classes' ■v/ho have heen drarm isdiisa.  Into this laet outbreak Ijy
leaders paid ty a.  beaten enemy.

Can the same he said for the eiftmtion in ITorea? Bo tlie iatelligent
claases adait that Japanese rule ie fair and just? ilavd the Koreans
heen ehovm that thoir interests are the interests of Japan? In short
does the Japonei.e re^^ime raore nearly reeemhle Turkish rule or British
rule ? PeaAapa tho Latitorn lle\»s Agenoy is in a position to Bay I

(rroa China Press,9th, April, 1919)

"JAi'AlI IS 3ii{])lKQ IROOPS TO KOJ«Bii W  ijDBiiL HBVOLi"'
(fieutor'e pacific Service)

ToJsyo, April ,8. The war Office a^tnounces that in view of the in-
areasingXy violent and deingerous character of the disturbances in Korea,
now extending over practically the whole of the penintula and affording
facilities for the propaganda of Solsiievikized Chosenese, six addition¬
al battalions of troops have heen despatched to Eorea, in addition to
400 gendarmes, for the efficient protection of the people in general.

(from aaaaghai Gazette, april 12, 1919)

"KOAiliAM& DBirtr JOLSiiEVIc: IKfLLXiJCi!"

To the Editor, Shanghai Oasette.

Sir:- An oppressor stoops tp any sort of mean lies and caluninies to
injure the naae of the oppressed. A typical illuetration of this is
found in the Japanese statement that v.'e, the Koreans, are aoloheviki
or have been under their influence, '"e  beg to make it knoim through
your esteemed journal that we have nothing whatsoever to do with the
Bolsheviki movement. We are convinced that the Jolsheviki program ie
founded on fundamental aistakoE and can never bring amelioration to

We are Foreans, pure and siiQp.le, and havinj; been joaded to the
extreme by the soul destroj^in^ and iahunan Japanese doaiiaation, which
has roduGsd us to such a deplorable pass, we must claim our independence
at this tooment when the deatiniea of tha world's oppressed Jiationalities
are being coneidered by the civilised nations like Great Britain and
America. All Asia is anxiously waitiu^ to aew whether our juiit claiaa
will be recognised by the Big Pour, for tht* iiope- of the wholo of A&ia
are centered in the Ji^i Foxtr. ''ie  hope that justice will not be denied
to down trodden Lorea.

Yours etc., AOiHiAU

(Prom Shanghai Times, April 13, 1919)

'•THE llloIi*& liJ KvitL^i."
Conditions more grave.

A mestage from Korea, dated April 7, says that conditions in Korea
are more serious than haa beeu stated in the newspapers. The Japanese
are begjinnin-i; to reaJlit.o that their subordinate officials have misled
theto and that the situation ia much v/orse than represented. They
are finding out that the movensnt is not led by a few ignorant people
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