Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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refrain and not joi« the rioters. If they do so, uztLoeked for punish¬
ment v;ill surely be theirs. They ahould advise ono another to avoid
actiott tending to bring them within the grip of the Law."

On the same day as the above proolaoation waa issued, tho first
detachments of the fresh Japanese troopsi despatched from Japan arrived
at pusan.

Peking, April 16.

A despatch published by tho Seoul rreas on April 12 from Tyoug Yang
states that of 56 Korean students and others who were tried in the
local ooxJE oourt for participating in the demonstrations 39 were senten¬
ced to imprisonment for terms renging fron sis months to two years, with
hard labour, 15 were sentenced to be beaten with 90 blows and two were
acquitted, "All have appealed except those punished with the blows",
adds the despatch.

On April a the houses of the Hev. il.S. 31air and the liev. II. !I.
Bruen at Taiku were searched by Ja^mneso police and soldiers.
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