Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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is planting the seed of hatred in the hearts of the younger gen¬
eration of the Koreans that will grov; is intensity and be trans¬
mitted from father to son. The name of Japan will not only
be hated but despised. The brutal attacks on the aged and the
young, the treatment of women will in the nature of the stories
of the Black Douglas of Scotland, be used by Korean mothers
to frighten their children when they misbehave.

Acts have been committed by the soldiers of Japan in Korea
that will bring them fnto disrepute with the whole of the civ¬
ilized world.  It will be seen that the old Sumaria spirit
is now a thing of the past, and if men of the old fighting clans
of Japan were to come to life today and see the soldiers of
their blood ruthlessly stabbing, bayonetting and shooting women
and children, of clubbing men to death after they had been
wounded, they would hide their heads in shame. Apparently the
old spirit had died out, and in its place is a bruthlity and
barbarism v/hich vents itself on helpless women and children or de-
finceless men. Armed they attack the unarmed, and the very
fact that they know that there is very little chance of their being jaoi
hurt, encourages them to excesses that disgrace the uniforms they
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