Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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^~«t^'"%ji^^?° *ie^* °^ pettion of greviances without i«mmity from
fff! ; Needless to say there is no participation in self government. Of
dutv'ir?o ^^?/^i^?^'' head-man must be a Japaaese, aad his principle
duty is to coUect taxes. In the law courts it is alleged that a Korean
«tftf h^^^r ""^ ^^^"v''"^ * Japanese. Habeas Corpus^is uSno^T Jhf
hi™ ?r^L ^ ^f^* *2 H°^  *^^ prisoner for two weeks before producing
tS davs^an/??b • ^^/^ l^  desires, by means of securing extlntions of
to do «n  li ^.! ^^^  ?°* Pf°d"°e a prisoner in practise until it ohooseB
to do so. The prisoner is not allowed to consult a lavrer or to sop hi^

l^X^^^;  ^°^*"r ^^ ^^r^y ^Pf^^«^' ^^"i ^ maa^; censored ^il?y S^tll
proved innocent  Hoithor is the Korean permitted to enjoy ainy officee
iLtTrlZ^''^  r?r ^^^ eovorament. Thwre'^are seme Korean poli^ and
il^^^ %  ^""^ ■^^'■'' ^^^few Koreans in other departmeata^of the civil
service. Korea is a paradise for the Japanese job-hunter. Efforts have
teen made by governmeat officials to deprave the youth of Korea  Com!
'i^al to'tL^;^of t"^"''^^^ flourishing'^aad is extending from ?£e cap!
ital to the country parts. A manifesto describing the grievances of th«

flei'lpnendin f^Annth^ the Independence Committee,'air^rarfou'ews!
tbee Appendix I.) Another grievance which strikes deeply to the heart
of tho vtltt^ ^'^  *^^ dotemi^atioa of the Japanese to drive out the use
of the Korean language from the schools. The proclamation which nrovides
fo?ce ?r?llo '%r ^ """"^  "S^" ^^^euage of inltruc??^n comlsiat^"^^^
insr^inr, ?^2't ^^ ^°^°S? °" »°^=^^ ^^  °*^er couatries seems to be
da^rivf^J 1.^^'""^'^^%^^°'' *^"^ ^«™^ *° ^° ^  organized attempt to
deprive the Koreans m the southora part of the peninsula— which is the
^rh^r  J'^^tion - of their land aad to force theSto emigrate tfMan-

us^ii; lTff.t,i^ n  ^^""^ '^^ ^°^^-^ ^^* ^°l^^r °^ ^^^  teaaStto sell,
usually at a disaavaata^cous price, aad he and his family go north to

?S?.ir? ^°°'^- .J^i5=?ese settlers replace the Korean. This policy is
^a^v whf.y ^ semi-official company called the Oriental Development Com¬
pany which receives the valuable concessions from the government, a
veteran missionary summed up the situation trenchaatly the other da.y in
oalfcn"°u^^;.If ^^ that builds railroads, coastructs ?oais, p?o^?tf edu¬
cation, understands hygiene, is none the less German."

Tmr^il^ ^J"*^^'  ^^fj"^°^^  system of goveeament thru out the Japanese
^ mili?a^ T««^* *^* S^^^^ e^ °^ *^^ government is dominated by
the military. Last oeptember, the bureaucratic ministry of Count Terauph-
«raa succeeded by thatal of iir. Kara. The new miaistry^a aoclSmed bv Sh^

mlTxZ TtTLr.  ?t' ^'ff -^^^^e^^^i^ aovemneat thL jlp^^ hafh^d^ *''"
»ad from its acts it w«uld seem to deserve tho title. Shortly after the
what 2nll\Tty,fo^^^  ^T ministers replied to a question Squmng
m^^t Zi^}^    I *&®*°2i°'^'"^^ policy of the new ministry that the govem-
?^rLl ni^r"^ *^*^ K^F S°^^^ °°* continue to rule the colonies by S-
P«rial ordinances, but that new methods were under ooaaideration The
^mister could aot say when they would go into effect! LaSrweea re
ferencea seem to reveal aa intenial struggle in the gover^Int the
r^lll  f ^"'^''* apparently wishing to replfSe the milifa^^lerimeal of
t™^tf-nL^^"^^^^?? administration, and tho militaristrcfposi^^ such
tjranafortnatioa. At the preseat momeat, the militarist element ia^p 1^2$

act'ffn'of ??s'delL?^^f" t^'t^ 't ''  i-possibly fof Jajan tTrati^^Sf'^-
action of Its delegates at the Peace Conference ia regard to thp «hr,

d«.^n^?t^ft°r^r'?*\°^- ^^^^ *y *^^ ^^y-    on MarS Is!? a monsllr po;uaar
llTmintst^ T?.A^°^  in Tokyo demanding manhood suffraieflld ?he  "^
2??^v. v^ ^ ^/^H  **y^ ^^*®^ introduced an electoral refoni bill
which has paaaed the popular house greatly exteadin« the fr^chise  Tt

orthe'^p?r4 ^^fthl^'t.'^"' ''''°'h'^ ''  alow?rgain!^'rthat;arr
i9S f^^that'e^!                       "^""^ ^°P^^ °^ ^ brighter day for the colon-
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