The Korean independence movement

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1919?])



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Japanese soldiers were let loose on the defenceless Koreans. For
peacefully shouting "Mansei" the latter were bayonetted, sabred, trampled
upon and beaten ont of shape by the cruel soldiers of Japan. Koreans
who took no part in the démonstrations were sought out from their houses
and treated in the same manner-old men, and women as well as children,
including girls, were not spared. They were dragged, between kicks and
blows with rifle butt, to the police station, where they were subjected to
more brutality and torture. Peaceful Koreans were pulled out of their
beds in the middle of the night by the soldiers and police, who took
delight in doing so. The photogràphs reproduced hère were taken by a
foreign eye-witness.
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