Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

(New York, NY :  Columbia University Libraries,  c2009.)



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Lehman. His contributions to the project were es¬
sential and timely. Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty
helped launch this project several years ago when
she was the Lehman Curator at Columbia, and
we are appreciative of her fine work in moving
it ahead. The present book is based on her good
work. Dr. Gerald Cloud of the Rare Book 3C

Manuscript Library provided the necessary edi¬
torial guidance late in the process to see the text
into print. And Greg Bear artfully designed and
produced the final product. We are grateful to the
Herb Block Foundation for permission to include
the artist's cartoons and to Lauren Post for per¬
mission to reproduce the work of Rollin Kirby.

Michael Ryan

Director, Rare Book & Manuscript Library,

Columbia University
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