Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

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excerpts from a secret document to destroy a man's reputation.
McCarthy offered to show Lehman the letter if he would come over to
McCarthy's desk, but when Lehman walked over and called his bluff,
McCarthy refused to show him the document and insisted that Lehman
return to his seat. ^^

Only one Senator up for re-election in 1950 voted against the
McCarran Internal Security Act, which, among its many objectionable
provisions, authorized the detention in internment camps of individuals
who might commit acts of espionage or sabotage. Herbert Lehman
understood that the McCarran bill enjoyed widespread popularity among
an American public willing to do almost anything in the name of anti-
Communism, but he believed that the measure was "unwise, unworkable,
and indefensible." He realized that many of his colleagues were voting for
it to protect themselves politically, but as for himself, Lehman declared.

^^96 Congressional Record
2068, (February 20,

I will not compromise with my conscience.... I am going to vote
against this tragic, this unfortunate, this ill-conceived legislation.
My conscience will be easier, though I realize my political pros¬
pects may be more difficult-1 shall cast ray vote to protect the lib¬
erties of our people.^"*   .

The Internal Security Act was passed into law despite Lehman's opposition,
but the voters endorsed Lehman's principled stand, and he easily won re¬
election in 1950, his eighth triumph in a statewide election, a record that
still stands today.                                                                             --_.'-'-:--

Lehman continued to speak out against Senator McCarthy and
McCarthyism. He gave speeches in McCarthy's home state in which he
denounced the Senator and his followers for inciting fear in order to achieve
their political ambitions, and he lamented the failure of President Dwight
Eisenhower and the Republicans to disavow McCarthy and his methods.

^''96 Congressional Record
1481748 (September 12,

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