Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

(New York, NY :  Columbia University Libraries,  c2009.)



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^^ white House Press
Release, "Presidential
Medals Of Freedom,"
July 4,1963, and "Robert
J. Kiphuth, Edwin H.
Land, and Herbert H.
Lehman," n.d., both
in John F. Kennedy
Papers, WHCF, Box
512, Subject File, MA
2-10, Presidential
Medal of Freedom; and
Arthur Schlesinger,
Jr., Memorandum For
John W. Macyjr., July
23,1963, Schlesinger
Papers, White House
Files, Box WH-15,
Subject File, 1961-1964,
Medal of Freedom; all
in John F. Kennedy

^""Herbert Lehman, 85,
Dies; Ex-Governor and
Senator," New York
Times, December 6,
1963,pp. 1, 29.

and noted that "he rallied the state of New York in the years of depression,
helped bind the world's wounds after the agony of war and fought staunchly
for freedom in the United States Senate." ^'^

The original plan was to present the awards at a special ceremony in
September, but the event had to be postponed until early December because
of delays in striking the medals. Despite President Kennedy's assassination,
President Lyndon Johnson insisted that the occasion go forward as sched¬
uled on December 6,1963, On the morning of December 5, as Herbert
Lehman prepared to leave for the ceremony in Washington, he suffered a
heart attack and died. President Johnson summed up the feelings of many
Americans when he paid tribute to Lehman by quoting the citation accom¬
panying Lehman's medal: "Citizen and statesman, he has used wisdom and
compassion as the tools of government and has made politics the highest
form of public service," As the President acknowledged, Herbert Lehman
had dedicated his life to serving others. From his days as a young volunteer
at the Henry Street Settlement through his years as Governor of New York,
Director General of UNRRA, and U.S. Senator, and even in his retirement,
Herbert Lehman truly was drawn to public service, ^'^

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