Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

(New York, NY :  Columbia University Libraries,  c2009.)



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Alois Derso & Emery Kelen

Alois Derso (1888-1964) and Emery Kelen (1896-1978) gained promi¬
nence in the 1920s with their humorous cartoons of the League of Nations
and major European political and diplomatic events. Sensing the danger that
loomed fot Jews in Europe, they left for New York in December 1938, where
they contributed political cartoons on international affairs to newspapers and
magazines. As World War II drew to a close, they focused their attention
on the new United Nations, and in 1950 a collection of their drawings was
published entitled United Nations Sketchbook: A Cartoon History of the United
Nations. Derso and Kelen ended their professional coUaborarion shortly
rhereafter, with Kelen going to work as a television director and producer for
the UN's Office of Public Information, while Derso contribured portraits to
Wilham Buckley's National Review.

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