Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

(New York, NY :  Columbia University Libraries,  c2009.)



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Suggestions for Further Reading

The standard biography of Herbert Lehman is Allan Nevins, Herhert H.
Lehman and His Era (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1963). A new
biography is forthcoming: Duane Tananbaum, "J" Will Not Compromise
With My Conscience:" A Political Biography of Herhert H. Lehman (Albany:
SUNY Press, 2009). On the history of the Lehman family, see Roland
Flade, The Lehmans: From Rimpar to the New World: A Family History,
Second Enlarged Edition (Wurzburg: Konigshausen & Neumann, 1999),
and Kenneth Libo, editor, Lots of Lehmans: The Family of Mayer Lehman
of Lehman Brothers, Remembered by His Descendents (New York: Center
for Jewish History, 2007), A symposium on Lehman was held at Lehman
College in 2003, and the proceedings were published as "Herbert H.
Lehman Remembered: Historical and Personal Perspectives" (Bronx:
Lehman College, 2003).

On more specialized topics, see Duane Tananbaum, "'I Can Leave
the Combination of My Safe to Colonel Lehman': Herbert Lehman and
Franklin Roosevelt: Working Together to Improve the Lives of New
Yorkers and People All Over the World," New York History, 87: 1 (Winter
2006), pp. 88-133; and Jewell Bellush, "Roosevelt's Good Right Arm:
Lieut, Governor Herbert H. Lehman," New York History 41: 4 (October
1960), pp. 423-443.

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