Palmes, William, Life of Mrs. Dorothy Lawson of St. Anthony's near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northumberland

(Newcastle-upon-Tyne :  Imprinted by George Bouchier Richardson, at the sign of the River-god Tyne, Clayton-treet-west; printer to the Society of antiquaries, and to the Typographical society, both of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  1851.)



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Manor-house, Byker.—We^t end.


EAR Heaton, on an elevated situation to
the east of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is the
ancient village of Byker, which, with
its park, was held by Nicholas de
Biker, in grand serjeancy in 1234. Eobert de
Byker died seized of two parts of Byker and Pam-
pedon, 15 Edw. I. The Percys had it in Henry
the Sixth's time ; and Edward IV. granted it to
his brother Clarence. Tho Percys again forfeited
it in the reign of Henry VIII., shortly after which
James Lawson, a merchant-adventurer of New¬
castle, (from whom the Baronets of Brough) became
its purchaser from the king.      Edmund Lawson
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