Palmes, William, Life of Mrs. Dorothy Lawson of St. Anthony's near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northumberland

(Newcastle-upon-Tyne :  Imprinted by George Bouchier Richardson, at the sign of the River-god Tyne, Clayton-treet-west; printer to the Society of antiquaries, and to the Typographical society, both of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  1851.)



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Cbe Life of 9@r0. Dorotfjg Cattigon,

of ^u antonp, near Jl3cteica0tle^

uppon^Cpne, in iSortt)^



HE glory of children is their parents, says
the sage, not only because the same blood
runs in their veins which framed their an¬
cestors, but chiefly for that by a pecuhar
influency or reflection, their glory shines in
their posterity, and makes their meritts by a valuable
pardcipation and interest theirs, which undeniable tes¬
timony of an author inspired by the never-erring spiritt
of truth, must needs contribute no small addition to
the praise of this master-piece of perfection whereoff I
^^jjn to treat,

\ She visibly took her first breath at Wing<^ in Buk-
ingam-shire, a house belonging to her grandfather Dor¬
mer, in the year of our Lord 1580.    Her father was sir

^ Wing or rather Winge was obtained by Sir Robert Dormer from
the crown in reward of his services, A.D. 1552.—ff. L.            \
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