Palmes, William, Life of Mrs. Dorothy Lawson of St. Anthony's near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northumberland

(Newcastle-upon-Tyne :  Imprinted by George Bouchier Richardson, at the sign of the River-god Tyne, Clayton-treet-west; printer to the Society of antiquaries, and to the Typographical society, both of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  1851.)



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\ miseries, her care was answerable to her love and his
deserts, in disposing the exequies, burying the corps with
that decorum as befitted one of his state, and obtaining
prayers for his soul's eternall felicity.'^

Grief and sorrow for the loss of her dearest partner so
trench'd on her vitall parts, that shee was constrain'd for
some few days after to remain in town, not out of
punctilio of state, but to collect and refresh her consum'd
spiritts, which, ere shee well recovered, touch'd with a
longing desire to solace her fatherless children, shee has¬
tened homeward with all expedition: where shee intended
to expend the rest of her life like a solitary sparrow in
the holes of a rock^ or mourning turtle, that never had
mate but one, and vow'd never to know another.

* The time of Mr. Roger Lawson's death is not mentioned ; it
probably occurred towards the close of 1613, or early in 1614. By
deed, 4th Sept. 1614, sir Ralph Lawson, in consideration of the
payment of the debts of Roger Lawson, late son and heir-apparent
after said Ralph Lawson, and for providing portions for the younger
sons and daughters of the said Roger Lawson, granted certain lands ^
for that purpose, to trustees named in the deed.—W. L.                    j

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