Lamont, Corliss, Freedom is as freedom does

(New York :  Horizon Press,  1956.)



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While prating hypocritically about preserving America's freedom.
Congress has legislated us steadily in the direction of fascism.
We must remember that Hitter's accession to power in Germany
in 1933 was achieved legally. In 1954 the Eisenhower Adminis¬
tration and Congress made an all-time record by pushing through
no less than eight anti-subversive laws that violate the Constitu¬
tion and the Bill of Rights, including one outlawing the Com¬
munist Party. The measures in question enacted much of Senator
McCarthy's program; they are McCarthyism sweetened by the
appearance of legality.

r- These and earlier Acts have gone a long way towards repealing
i the Bill of Rights through unconstitutional Congressional fiat.
They amount to repressive amendments to the Constitution ille¬
gally voted by Congress. I shall now discuss eight of the worst
laws of this nature.

The Smith Act passed by Congress in 1940 was the first Federal
peacetime sedition law enacted since 1798 and has provided sub¬
stantial precedent for other suppressive legislation. This statute
was smuggled through Congress as a small part of a lengthy bill
entitled the Ahen Registiation Act of 1940; and few Americans
realized at the time that a concealed "anti-citizen" section was
being written into what was ostensibly an anti-alien measure.

Section 3 of the Smith Act makes it a crime, with penalties run-
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