Crisis at Columbia

([New York :  Columbia Spectator,  1968])



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Vol. CXII No, 101



Student  Demonstrators  Take  Over  Hamilton   Hall;

Administration   Refuses  to   Talk   'Under  Coercion'

/ Arrested in Park

 ĩn Violent Protest

:-.m:ĩ ■L'.uil cí'

 Protesters/ led by members of

Coliunbia's Students for a Demu-

eratic Socĩety and the Students

Afro-American Socĩetj', tore down

seetions of the metal fence sur-

rounding the  sĩte and fought

. Thre

 policemen were treated at Colum-

. bĩa PresbyterLan Hospital for mi-

 nor injuries and one student, Fred

   The gym protest began at 12:30

 after anti-SDS pickets had blocked

 the steps to Low Library and pre-

 'vented the group from enteringthe

 buildĩng, which was their original

 intention.  Aíter attempting to en-

 ter Low through the southeast sec-

 debated brîefly and tiien decided

 to march tp {he gym site.

   Chantĩng slogans, the crowd

" streamed out the gate bi-r.iid ^t,

 Paul's Chapel into Amstorc.itn

 ftve. and down 116th St. The tíe-

 monstrators entered the «ite jl

 114th St. and Morningsidc,

 where a gate in the fence ■.ur-

 rounding it ivas already opi'n.

   Students began kieking and puii-

 ĩng tlie northern part of Ihe 1-

 foO( hĩgh metal barrier, u;in:

 a forty-foot section. The Ie>


e shortly after the Sprq


■  Several fistfights broke out be

tween policemen and protestorsa

long the fence. A sargeãnt fror

the 24th precinct attempted to ar

rest Wilson, who was standing nea


Protesters Say They Will Not Negotiate

 Until Cll Grants DtsciplinaryAmnesty

              Ity ROBERf STULIiERG

  Militant black community  leaders, who apparently

 havi' jf;iinoc! eonsiderahlo control of a demonsti':U:cin

 inside  Ilamilton Hall, decĩded  at a specíal caucus

 at 3:00 a.m.  Ihis morning to blockade  the building

 and close it down today.

  The  white students  inside the building decided at

 a similar caucus early thís morning to go along with

 plans for barricading the building.

  The  demonstratíon,  which was ínitially sponsorod

 by Students for a Democratic Society and the Student

                       Afro-American   Socíety,

Challenge to Administration

Strongest in School 's History


Ni'iTr lĸ.

ore have a group of


forcefully challenged

Ihe adc.'.ni

tratíon of Columbia



i'uc l're

ident David B. Truman

called the

events of yesterday a


o or deathfortheUni-

•It is a challenge *

;o whelher


or the policieĸ thcy are protest-

ng—a hostage in hís oivn office o-


  MMiiy thinys whichhappened yeS'

terday—and  somt thíng

didn't happen-are signtfi

be torn apart,' the vice presĩdent

said last night.

 Students forced admĩnistrators

to lock  Lo" Library; they tore

down tho fence around the new gym-

nasium and fought with New Yorh

City policemen; and firally, they

kept the actĩng dean of Columbia

College—perhaps thc  man least

responsible ín the administratíon


from the L'nite'd States Mari

   i two student factions.


'.'.■:::■, >i

    the possibUity of violenee,

    strators acted to prevenla

       of last year's incident.

Vice President Trumantelephoned

members of the  faeulty Monday

night and asked them to do what

they couid toheadoff víolence. Loiv

Library, the origĩnal target of the

demonstration, was closed, there-

by elimĩnating the opportunity for

students of opposing sides to be

crowded together intonarrowhall-

 Fortunatcly, theSDS-leddemon-

strators and the pickcts organíied

by Students for a Free Campus ne-

ver really came into physieal con-

tact with  eaeh other. Vcl, what

began  yesterday has not ended.

While the protesters remain croiv-

ded insideHamÍltonHall,thegroiv-

1 Dean Coleman would r

    (Comiimed on Page 3)

   Fuvttliy Mvvling

An emergency faiulty meeting

will be lield tonight at 7:30 in

the Faculty Room of Low Li-

Protesters Crowd

InloHamilton Hall

For AH-Nighl Vigil

  At tlie midnĩght hour last night,

tors who tiad occupied llamilton

Hall since early yesterday afler-

noon, ivere readying themselves

for an all-nigMcamp-ininthccor-

i líall n

\\\ 11


of tlie building were oci

sleeping and singlng ni

male students, prepar

nother day of protost.

  The unexpected andm

tcd siege of ilamilton

sbout 1:30  in the aftornoon ivlien

more than four hundred student and

non-L'niversitj demonstrators,

extiiliarted  by the destruetlon of

a seclion of the tence surroundirig

npn - University  demohstrators,

exhiiiarted  by tlie destruction of

a section of the lence surroundíng

the site of  Columbia's new gym-

nasĩum, jammod ĩntothebuilding's

tiny lobby  and demanded to see

"The Man."

  The clianting,  clapping, mob

          that the "hostage"



that the first-floor deans' offices

    locked. Suddonb, all hcads

     (Conlinued oi. Pagc 2}

has apparently come u

der the control of'black

very militant community

leaders who were invited

yesterday  afternoon  to

participate in the siegeof

Hamilton Hall.

              irlem chap-


ií lln'

,i ih


■ Columbia Seeurity

. send a group t

r"»»-if».  .

■-■   e l"  c c BOJ.o.jaaijjju
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