Crisis at Columbia

([New York :  Columbia Spectator,  1968])



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Vol. CXII, No. 102


Faculty   Recommends   Halt  to   Gym   Construction;

Campus   Closed   Down,   SDS   Holds    Kirk's    Office

                                                                        Offers by Administration Are Directed

                                                                         To Blacks Barricading Hamilton Hall

Protettters  Occupy}

 2 :\viv Buildings


  The Unlversity administratio.

 yesterday called  \ew Vork Ciij

 police onto the campus and latcr

 soalcd il off c:i;i'i:'.:: .c o 'U-.iscd d:iy

 of protfc.sts, ĩn nbicti defĩant dcm-

: offici

i' Low Li

l.rary and thrcc I .íivorsity

  Duríng tlie  coursc of the day,

ivhieh ivasmarkedbyscvoralnear-

violent oulbreaks, members of Stu-

dents for a Democratic  Socíety

barricadod thomselves ínside tlie

offices of Presidont Grayson Klrk,

ivhílo militant black students and

i'iiir.iiiiinity p.citestt'. s remaínedin

control of Hamilton Hall.

  Lateyestordayafturnoon.School '

Hall refused to lcavc the build-

ing when the  administration or-

dercd all buildings closed. As of

2 a.m.  today, studonls still had

completoly free access to Avery.

  Larly this morning, niore than

fifly .stndciits alsu  mnn'd intn l'ay-

cnvciithcr  llall and a numbcr of

them prepared to sloop in the


  A high Unlvcrsity official told

Mark liudd '63, chairman of SDS

and íi ccntral figure in the pro-

tcsts of the past two days, tliat

"no matter what you do noiv, you

will bo expollcd."

  Hudd yesterday  rosigned his

poĸitioii as SDS chairman in aii

orĸaní_ational  disputc uvor tac-

tics, though he continued to play

a siĸnificant  role in the dcmon-


  Lpst night, the adminístration

 decided to seal  off* the eampu.s,

 aftcr receivlng report.s that mili-

 i.iiii black organizations inCcntrai

 Ilarlcm werc planning to stage a

  The faculty  of Columljiti College yesterday recom-

mendeu  that  Ihe 1'nivers.ity arrange ;in ''iinn.iL'diaU-

suspeíision of on-site excavation of the gymnasiiim

íacility in Morningsíde Park."

  The recommendation was  one ol' several i.assed

at an emergency íaculty meeting held yeslerday af-

ternoon in response to a student takeover of Hamilton

Hall  which contínued  into its  second day.  Late last

aight several offers and demands had been exchanged

between  L'niversity ofíícíals and black students oc-,

cupying Hamilton Hall and it appeared that ĩnformal

p.egoliitlions wei't' aciually in progress.

 lîlack students in Ilumiltoii liavo uppareulry focused on buî two of

tlieil' si\ de-mamls: sti'jipinu i'.yi;] c.iisLrnclÍi::! inicl .1:1.1111 ĩjii: alili:cs[y


icipaling ĩn tlic ei


ton il-.ll- He statcil that h_ hau been w.ll lr_ai-iL bul hail norieit Iree to iea.c.  ĸi[k illgjcated tnat ^o svould ask Lhe Ti

Outsĩders   Influence   SDS  Action  •;


  Members  of Columbĩa SDS led

 ĩO demonslrators^almost all of

 icm  ivhlíc—into Ilamiltpn íiail

Tuesdáy  afternoon; members' of

Columbĩa SAS and various cnm-

 unity organizationsaskcd'themto

 i Wednosdaymornlnií.leavingon-

           ly black faces—

 NEWS      many of them un-

 ANALYSIS  familiar—peering

          over  the barri-

relatively woll-orĸanized'and pro-

fessiortil compared to Students for

  Democratic Society ímprovisa-

 ins.has evolvcdoncampus. Qutof'

 e sLyty to  soventy black pcople

  w occupying Ilamilton Hall, no

 orc than haif arc Columbia stu-

 nts, are mueh of tho impetus of


ssed ,;;

of SDfj's and their si

Community protests against thc

:w gymna.sium hiive growninsize

id vehemence during thc last fciv

eeks, as organizations like Har-

m COKEandIIarlemS.iCCbogan


e Stude

' Aír;

sharíng the lcadership of the anti-

gym protest Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday night,bluckmi_i__ntsfrom

ivithin and without Columbiafofm-

ed their first coalition.

 During  the long afternoon -and

night inside Hamilton Hall, signs.

indicating a shlft in the focus and

style of the demonstration sloivly

increased.   After  entering the

         "  ;_0, the "

ioam   Offices  in'  Low

iins spciikcrs,

mo.stly S



Periodic an




IUiltil' llliil C()[

milllitV Hl'lllips


sending representativi

; bv






At í.:00p.m

, a SNCC







tact had hee




groups throughout thc


' 1(1*1





concíuded by


hat unlcss

 The faculty voted ovci-',.tifl--ii:i.i:lv ii: f.ivnr i'f au iiiuiiodiute suspcnsioii

of gymnasium construction and recoiiimcndcd th.'il tlic l'iiis'ei'sit.y bc

prepared to revicjis tlir. l.iciitinii íiiicc  .íííiimcUt dí tlic ĸ.viiiii.i-iiuii v.iil:

li group of community spuke.siiicii d..sii:n.i[.ci Ijv thc iiiaujr ní \css' Vorl..

 In a Universily statemení prepniccl laic 1;i-i iii::li(, l'rosident Grayson

                              to consider the faculty's

                              :ici:ili(ins. II is iliidcl'sCiini

                              !\irk i . .ittciiiplJNj: tn :w-

                       range a special mecting of  thc

                       Tnislccs for today.

                         The  preparcd slutcmcnl also

                       nolcd thal yesterday cveninj; the

                       presidcnt liad tran.smiltcd a pro-

                       posal to the bluck  students ii.

                       Ilamilton that 'if they lefl [lic

                       ■jiiililiii.i: during the cveiiing they

                       ivould not bc suspended althouttli

                       they would  be placed on discip-

                       linary probation." Atapproxlmato-

                       ly . p.m.,  a spokesman for thc

                       black students  statod  thiil thcy

                       nould  not   compromise   their


 Al 6 a.m. thîs morning the while

sluĩients participating in the Ham-

ilton Ilall demonstratĩon left the

building at.the rcq_uest of theblack

studer.ts and in the words of Mark

Rudd, ditĩrmanofSD.s,went*look-

ĩng for theír own buildlng."

 The group of approximately 250

students immediately hcaded for

Low Library, the targetofthepre-


■ l::iv_r

          nd into the rotunda.

 Once on the rotunda ievel, Rudd

nplained that  the black stndents

ad asked the whites to leave be-

ause they had not been "solid*

 ĩîudd sald that, "for someof us,

   cad'.-n'.ic c.irc-crj. isrc r.iiucd,"

  liat the only thing they could

  as to "take a stand, and try

  n our fight."

1 for

■. ay s

. after

, the

o tho  protesters. The

o condemned "both ob-

bchavior  und physical

i this campus" and stated

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