Crisis at Columbia

([New York :  Columbia Spectator,  1968])



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Faculty   Members   Propose    Tri-Partite   Panel

ir ihc c

   m 1}

ít faeultym

pass any new proposals.

  Professor of History Walter F.

Metzger proposed that the faculty

call for a bi-partĩte commíttee of

of sU professors and fivc students

to replace thc tri-partite commit.

tee. This motion was tabled, at

least temporarily,  primarily be-

cause the black students in control

of Hamilton Ilall liad not yet re-

sponded  to thc original faculty

  ĩt was reported, however, that

negotiations on Professor Metz-

ger's proposaIsproceedingoutside

of the meeting, and that the SDS


t least

temporarlly splĩt

  Meanwhíle,  Paul  Vilardi  '68,

spokesman for the Majority Coai-

ítion, a grhup of athletes and other

students who have opposed the de-

monstratiors* tactics, stated at a

preas conference that his group

had accepíed the faculty proposal.

He claimod that two thousand stu-

dents had signed an anti-SDS peti-

tion circulated on Wednesday, and

added that "Amnesty is out of the

Coalitio'n desirud m

tive students.

  The five students i

for tr

-partito committee wore;


Friedman '6 9, edítor-

in-chief of Speetator; David Mala-


■B, a member of the steer-




on; Hobert Delahunte '68,


ber ot the Academic Af-


_ommittee; Jim McMÍI-

ían '70, a Negro who was a stand-


this year's Columbia bas-


team; and Richard Woj-


;I '09, ,a member of thu


faculty members recorfi-


to be on the committee


llaniel Hell, professor of

sn,- ,:.-,:■■.: lîobert L. Belknap, as-


professor ofliussian; , con

M. 1

ederman, professor of


; ['eter B. Kenen,professor

Of oco



, associate professor of


K. I'raenkel, denticjl'íaac


rulcies, iiud .loiin 'A'rllic.-:

aa, director ol .idt.iis.iorc..

In I





n,o_irc!in£ 10 cce iĩi'opu-a..

Ihe faeultj recognized Presidenl

Grayson  Kirk's statutory powei

in all disciplinary matters.

  The explanalíon to this appai'enl

contradiction  was given by  ono

fa.ully member wlio said ilial al-

tliougli l'resident Kírk would havc

the lcgal right to alter tlie deci-

sion of the tri-partĩte commíttee,

it vtould be understood by all con-

  Finally, the proposal requested

that Lhc  administration announcc

as soou as possible that the trus-

tees liave approved the stispension

_f gym constructíon, and also lliat

the Ilenkin Committee  iĩeport,

which will  discuss Columbia'-

s the Institttte f.

■ De-

to tlie faculty for consideralio.

rather ilian to the presidont ai

oriBínally planned.

  l'he proiiosal ivas  drafted b;

Cail  I'. llovde, associateprofessoi

ot' English, Eugcne Galanlcr, pi'O'

fessor of psychology,  antl ĩ.ionc

Trillinĸ,  Cieorge  Ed.vard Wood'

aorrj Professor of Llleraturc ant

Crkicism. The proposal was sub'



ilie day worhing  out llie text of

tlie letter with Universilyoffieials,

most  facultj  members divídod

their time aflor 10 a.m. Iielween

allcndíng an ad  lioc mceting in

l'hilosopliy llall and kceping onler

in  all sections  of tho campus.

 The letter to I'rosident Ivirkwas

read to the faculty mcctinĸ for

approval shortly aftor iis comple-

  The faculty membcrs in l'bilt

soplij' llall avoidcdconfusion, bov

ever,  by unaninionsly approvk

::■■_ proposni.

600  City  Policemen

Occupy  Morningside  Campus
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