Crisis at Columbia

([New York :  Columbia Spectator,  1968])



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Vpl.. CXJI No. 110

NEW YORK, N.Y., FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1968  |°epcy,.__! p_bÉ


Committee   Proposes^

Pass-Grade   Option

   ew Strike Coordinating Group

Lists 2 Preconditions for Talks

Plan Would Requirc

 Facully Approval


 The College Committee On In-

struction yesterday afternoon ap-

proved a set of proposals, ivhich,

if adopted by the faculty of Col-

mnbia College, will rule  out

failing grades this semester, and

ivill allow students to decide whe-

ther  they wish to receive lotter

grades or the grade of pass in


lo a

 The  faculty  and  full-time

teaching staff of GS ycsLcrday cn-

dorsed a proposal presented byits

Conimittee 011 Instruction.  The

75  Síudenls Pickel


Sulzbergcr's Home

  bovcnLy-rive student

 marily from Union Th

 Seminary, picketed In fi

 Sulzberger, trustee of

 Llniversíty andpresiden

 lisher of Uie Mew Voi

 laio ■ e.'jirrday aTternooi




Fact FindingPanel

 WUl Be Created

 The Executive Faculty Commit-

tee decided yesîerday to establish

a fact-rinding commission to in-

vestigate tbe c

stratlons  :iad

 í\ccording to Profes:

Michael Sovern, t

svill bc headed by

outside thc Univer:


idmg f _

■ii -■-.11

hegin isstting interim renorts

mediately sfter it

 The Executive Faculty Commit-

tee met yesterday afternoon with

student leaderstodiscussrestruc-

turing of the University, allhougb

most of the discussion centerec

around more immediate problems


         . Thecc

-vi.ll meei (odiis' si'iihi-epresen-

 s of the Students' ATro-Am-

 n íso-ioly ailcj is'ilh represeii-

 s of the junior faculty

Irate   Parent  Disrupts   Meeting


 The fathcr oi' a siudciii '.s'ini lecl liie no.v-DÍsst.ivei

isiaiori.y Coaĩiiicjii uetlavcd theplaLfor111 nii-c-opliũn.

"liberated" anc! cUsniptotî ti  .Jiectiiii. of Coneernec'

Columbia Parents and Alumni last nigln in Hivcr-

side Church.

 C.ndopÍ! ViliLi-ili, f.'LLber of l'iiul Viirirdi 'iîS, jcimpou

to the stage of ilie cli:iri;li meeling hall as the meet-

ing began shorlly after 8 p.m. and prorlaimec! hini-

self "the self-appointcd chairman."

 Ycllini; into .!;c i:)k'rop.-,o:JO, Mr. -Í1.---Í .isls.c;

if any  of the pai-ents presonl l-aci "isids who bave

heen arrested."  As some  fifteen of the noarlj

2(1(1  peoplc present  raised their hands, be ealíet

 ĩ.abbi Bruce Goldman, who was to

group,  tried to climb onto  ihe platft

others  to  take the mícrophone from firr. vnarai

Mr. Vílardi shovcii !:im, SLi-caming,  "You wan

to negotiate, Habbi? ĩî only takes one to ncgo-

tiate.  Arc you foinjf l.o iake Lhis nik-i-aplioiie I..

me byforce, Ilabbi?"

 .■-;; suvural men tried ti

strttîl.  lîalĩbi Goldman ú

later claimed tiiat Kabbi

fĩrst and  stated that he

 When Mr. Vilavdi  bacl

   _ by several peoplc, <

may press eharges o(


:ivoI i'i.c

.axl l'aai

j liur

• 7-Member Board Begins Operationa

 AsksNoReprisal, Right toParticipate

            By ROBERT ií. STULBERG

  Formal organtzation for tiie  proposed student

strike began yesterdiiy with the íirst officiíil meeting

of the Strike Steering Comraittcc, a  newly-formed

body designed to  forraulate policy  and actívities

for the strike.

  Thirty-seven steering oommittee meml_ers, each

representíng approxomately seventy  stndents,  met

on the third fioor of  Ferrís  Eooth  Hall and de-

cided what the strikers should demand.  They have

not yet plannec. itlternative activitie.s to regularly

scheduled classes, which  are supposed to resume


  The sleeriig eoniiiiii ee n:et ail aflern.on and evening and finallv

decided at 3:3U a.m. ni. chc sp._i.ifi- goals of Lbe strike,

  According to  Mark lîudd '.!), chairman of Students for a Demo-

cratic Society and a key o.gai.i.ei ol' i!;c -inclcnc slrilte, tlie steer-

ing committee ag-eed on tsvo pi'o-i-ti;)c'iiions I'ur negotiation with

:!io ;:.i .ĩii.jislration:

  —Ko  legal  or di:.,.:_i!iyi;;ry r:;|i:-i.-ais asainsL  people ivho bave

partieipated in the recent cau,|,.:s  r:c .1.011.. li'í.líoiis or in demonstra-

    le gym sl

-Hei'ojjnilion  c

right _

the ;

Campus Senses OpporLunilies

For  Restructuring University

                iiy l'AL'l.

 In the ivake of Tuesday morn-

ing's "bust" a neiv and une>--pected

senso of opporhinityhaspermea-ed

the  campus.  The atlministratíoii

discredited, groups of studonts and

faculty  members of  varyingpolc-

tical persuasions have taegun to

          feel  tbatthisisthe

   NEWS    occasion for tn-

          trodticiiif! scseep-

 amaivcic  U1£  changes intc

 ftiMftLrats  ^ archaic andun-

uire oí Ihe I r.ive.-tic.v.

  Tbe demands that ivere or

 nally set forth by the demons

 tors  are not _n_.el-.ted to

 general demand for reorgan

 tíon now IjeingvoÍLeLloniiiiiii.s-si

 A request for clisafflliation 1


the Institute for Defense Analysis

is a challengetothee-istingfjLi'iic-

ture of poiver which alloivs the

administratíon unilaterally to

commit the  Uníversity and its

resources  to a particular kind o£

research program whích has im-

medíate polîtical  consequences.

A demand for discûiiliiiiuitioii of

questioning the entire apparatus

through whieh the Trustees ai-e

able ĩo make decisions witbout

L'onsulling  the people ivhom ĩbe

áe; íj.:;>:ij. cliioclly r.íi'L'.l.

  And now, the demand for Ihe

resignations of the President and

pressíon of the roeling that the
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