Crisis at Columbia

([New York :  Columbia Spectator,  1968])



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Vol. CXII No. 113

N.:\v YOIIK, n.y., wi.;dn-|-..sijay, MAY 8, l_(i8


Procedure  Disputc

Marks  First   Day    £■'■ _

01  Fact   Hcarings   ry'

agreed, hoivever,

Cox's assessment of the situati

slaling that most of the lest:

that liis group ivanted to pi

vents af(er  the  buildings

   .niong  tlie matters the fs

['i'csident v.ravsoii hirh's :

irai lluil "suĸkmis exhi .

ivillitifîness  l" nejjoLiiite"

poliue ivcie called in and ini

(iiin tin'iu aul- of t;ot

lioc faciiltj group wtiĩcti prc

llic fauiiitv froit; '.l.iui.ip;:.^

islii- 1j:i>:s fo;- ma_t;ia:ii>ii."

tee of the faculty iihlch bas deter-

mined ĩhe ground rules for tln

foct-finding effort, said thal itti'a..

liis t-lcar  iinderstanding thal llit

commission ivould deal ivith all e-

vcnts leading up  to the police ac-

  [nvited liut not present  at tĩit

opening session  was Mark I.ndt

'50, chairman of Students for :

Democratic Socĩety and a membci

of  llie Strilte Coordinating Com-

 Trustees,   Faculty

Plan   Student  Role

 lYmple  Commillee Calls for  Eleelĩons;

 Weslin  Gronp 1o Snpply Suinmcr Jobs*

                  By ANDRÉW CIÍANE

    The extent of student participation  in  the  re-

 structuríng of the  Universily  became  a  dominant

 issue  yesterday  as  the Special Committee of the

 Trustees,  the Exeeutíve Comntittec  ol' the I'aculty,

 and the Academic Affaîrs Commíttee each announced

 plans concerning the stutlents' role.

    Alan H. Temple, chairman of  the special Trustee^

 committee created late Wednesday night, statedthal

 his group has asked the dean of  eachdivision to hold

 a  special  electĩon  of student  representatives "to

 work with the Trustees' Committee and lo provide a

 clear sense of the views  and proposalsof students in

 each school.

   Mr. Temple statod yesterday evening (lial tlie ivork of hii

 incltiding ils eonstiltatioii ivitli ciuuiud students, ivotild innt

               Faculty's Executive Commlttee and sl

ihal u.itjnp's ;jjtj;ut.'liii;-..

3  Kirk Demands Return  of Documents


Mr. Temple stated, ■

       rk ivIII be

l'resldcnt  David B. Trtimun lasl

nÍEht demanded the "immediate

return* o( till documents or copief

Dr. Kirk and Dr. Truman statcd

thal "violators,  including all ivhc

repeal or publish such stolen do-

cumcnts, will bc prosecutcd tofull

e.lenl of criminal and civil  laws

and disciplinary poivers  of  Uni-


  Al ti mecting of the Strike Coor-

dinatlng Conimiltee  last night, ti

| featet


 _cd by the old strike committee".

   It was argued thãt the Kirktele-

 gram  ivas released in order lo

 "fragment"  the current  Strike

 Commillee, and thiitthecnmmittee

 should nol Tall into this trap" bj'

   l'ílivard l.ooiiison st

Barnard President  Suggests

LeClair  Will  Be  Dismissed

tolegram, and that t

would not "for the i

  liarnard  l'resĩdent Martha E.

I'eterson hinted Monday that shu

may e.pel  Linda LeClair '70B,

ivho ivas found guilty last monlh

by the liarnard Judicial Coiiilt.iluti of violating housing rcgu-



Stanford  Protesters  Occupy

Administralive Office Building

ly l'l'TI'.lt IIIKBI'ltT

  Students at .Sianford  Univcrs

liavc occupied and shut doivn 1

-tudent Services Building, ivht

mttny of thc school's administi

to a spohesman for the  camf

  ln anothcr development, the >

Corps  building  at Stanford v

burned  to tlie ground in a delibt

ateĩy-set fire.  The building v

ln the

  Ai-<'tii<lill(; io II,0 spul.u

Siajii'nt-d aili:iiiiisLi'auoii I

tliat llicuu is "nouv

ilic sil-in and Ihc arson.

 m-uii|iaLio,j is in protcst ol

'iiimcinlaLitin by the Stanford

n Judicial Body to suspend


 The r

I IntelIIgence Agency,

            of tl


     Judicial  Body,  composed

only of faculty,  reversed a prev-

ious decision b; the Stanford Ju-

dicial Council, i.hich is eomposed

Of bolh students and faculty. Thc

Dipartite council rccommended nol

|)fu..sinu <:

nlt-iiL di'Iîaiiisii-altius hav

utiidud iliat iliuy be ru[;

mi the all-faculLi luU'i-ii


  ■lioivevcr, since youbelievethal

jott sliould be judged on your aeit-

dcmic  achievement,  and  since

therc arc less than two weeks ol

scliedulcd classes In this semes-

ter, I am postponing the College's

decisíon on your future  relation-

ship to  Barnard untĩl May 2-th

ivhen all grades for this semester

are  recorded,- Miss  Petcrson

  The líarnard president then ivill

neigh Miss I-eClair's academic

record,  in consultation  ivith the

Judicial  Council; the President's

Advisory Conncil ithich is an e-

locted faculty cotnmittee; and Miss

J.eCkiii-'s advisor.

  Mlss LeClairsaidyesterdaythat

she has not yet decided ivhether tn

that  if she decides to  complete

the semcster, she cjtpected topas.

  Miss Petersnn also stated inher

lettur «• Miís l.i-t'lair that Bar-

■urd *lll appoim ,i lommittee to«  tb.e Judlcial procvdures at

Bdi nai-d. The cfimmittec ĸill in-

i linit' a  lar-jltj ir,eir.ber,  Ji stu-, aud aa _ilu.-nii.-i fnriiinrly a

 ludicijl  (o.ncil mcm'.cr. A laiv-

deied oi


it Trumansii

.puund iliv ■

tcnded at theprc-

establi5hing a fact

Strike Coordinatíng Commĩttee vo-


before secing facultj proposals."

  Earlier  in the  day,  Alan !■'.

Westin, co-chairman of the facul-

ty's Kxeculivc Commiltee, announ-

ced thal his gronp planned "to in-

volve  students and junior faculty

students    nnd   junior  faculty

throtighoul  otir  ivorli,  especiall;

during tlie  sunimer."  He added

Dlved i

uld v

,,í  .|IIU_..i.

 Asked how Ihe student paiticipa-

tion ivould be organiied, Profossor

Hestin reniarked that he hoped that

talks announced late last ivt

ihe Strihe CoortlitiaLina Cou-.n

The other preconditional dem

that all cívil and dísciplinarj-


Krassner, Ginsbcrg  Spcak  to Studenls

Hcalist, Allen Ginsberg, beatpoet,

and other poets spoke to several

hundred "liberated" studentsyes-

  Mr. Krassner, dressed in apair

_f soiled beige jeans withamatch-

ing jacket, made e.temporaneous

luips  on a variety ot subjects.

Included were remarksonEarnard

Prcsident  Matha E.  Peterson's

latest letter to Linda 1-eClair,

"moslly an exercise in sentencc


all t:

ated a
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