Andreas, A. T. History of the state of Kansas (Supplementary History and Description of its Counties Cities Towns and Villages)

(Chicago :  A.T. Andreas,  1883.)



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To\\'iiship 9, Range 5, on the Upper Wild C'at Creek; John Forman, Bradley
E. Hellington. Lorenzo Gates and A. B. Whiting located on Madison Creek;
A. D. Reed on Timber Creek. In 1857, .lames Kester settled on the nortli¬
west quarter of Section 11, Township 9 Kange 4, on Timber (.'reek. In
I85S. among the new-comers were George Averv, Lewis Parish, Gilbert Steel
and I). C. "VValbridge.

In 1860, George .Vvery and II. H. Whiting, in company with some teams
from Manhattan, started i'or Denver vvith corn. It vvas the first attempt to
find a Vv estern market and it proved to be successful. Por years afterwards
there vvas considerable freighting across the plains from tliis vicinit.v. In
1801. (ieorge .Vvery brought the first threshing machine into the settlement
that vvas owned west of Manhattan, and in 18S'2 the power is used by B. K.
Fullington on a i-orn-cracker. Jlr. Fullington lives just south of the tifwn-
shi]i, having liecn legislated into Davis County.

Dr. J. Crans, a distinguished physician and druggist at Riley Centre,
dispenses stimulating fluids for medicinal, mechanical and scientific pur¬
pose? as the jirohibitory liquor law provides.

Joseph Rolierts keeps the •' Central House,'' which is the half way place
lietween Manhattan and Clay t'entre. It vvas built in 1879, and with it ami
his feed stable he has five acres of ground in the burg. Ira Wilcox has a
livery, feed and sale stable.

The flrst marriage in the township occurred March 30, 1850. The par¬
ties united were James Johnson and Mary A. Hair. In 1857, Thonias was
born to E. C Bartell and wife; Alice, to A. H. Bartell and wife, the first
births.    The parents settled the same year on Madison Creek.

There is a post-office at Riley Center; C. W. Hessebroeck is postmaster.
He located at Riley Center in 1871. opening a store there. The building
when first erected was a frame, two stories in height, 34x00 feet. He has made
several additions to the original building, and the structure compares favor¬
ably vvith any store in the county in the convenience of its arrangements and
stock of goods carried.

£ala Township.—From a town in North Wales this township received
its name.    As at present constituted its area is forty-two miles.

In the spring of 18()i, Mr. A. D. Phelps settled on the fork of Timber
Creek, near the present town site of Bala. Twelve miles distant on the
north was Rowland Spurrier, his nearest neighbor; nearest on the east. Rev.
Aaron Silvers, eight miles distant; on the south, A. B. Whiting and B. E.

In 1870, ,1 Welsh colony was organized in the State ot New York, under
the name of " The Welsh Land and Emigration Society of America." James
H. .Jenkins, general agent for the colony, bought on time considerable of
the Kansas Pacific Railroad lands. In 1870, vvith Mr. Jenkins came
Thomas Daniels. Rowland Daviess. J. Griffln, John E. Hughes, Owen K.
Jones, Theodore Morgan, Williain Randall, Richard VV. Roberts, J. P.
Thomas, David Watkins, E. C. Williams and others.

The village of Bala is a thriving one. Its avenues running north and
.south are Park and Powys. Its streets are Kansas. Caroline, Louisa. John,
Daviess. liiiura, Emma, Broadway and Genesee. Ils lanes are Welsh, Ann
and Elizabeth. Its post-office was established in 1871, succeeding the Old
Timber Creek post-office. Rowland Daviess is postmaster. L. Kilbourne
is the" po-stmaster at .Vlembia in Bala Township. Thc first marriage in the
township was that of Christopher Yoilng and .Mary Lock in 1866. George
Carrighan vvas the flrst child born in the township.

There is a Welsh Calvinist, an English Methodi-st Episcopal and a
Congregational (Welsh and English) Church.

The first cheese factory in the county vvas erected here in 1876, by James
Sharpless, and it is successftilly carried on. Mr. Sharpless, Mr. Davis and
Mrs. Jenkins have the general stores; J. H. Jenkins, the drug store. The
town has a good hotel, harness shoji, shoe shop and blacksmith shop.

Ijeonard. the only statioii on the Kansas Central Railroad in this
county is situated in Bala Township, in Section 19, Township 8, Range 5.
was started in October, 1881. and it was named after Leonard T. Smith of
Leavenworth, formerly President of the road. Here is a new sehoolhouse,
and the Methodists are building a parsonage. The town has four general
stores, of which the most prominent are those of the Erpelding Brothers and
William Sikes. Meetings are held in the fine hall of the store building of
Erpelding Brothers. The hotel is the .Tones H. Wilcox has an ex¬
cellent livery stable. J. H. .Jenkins has a drugstore. There is an elevator,
a lumber-yard, and a blaeksmith shop. Tho town is 1 wenty-six miles north¬
west from Manhattan; sixteen from Clay (.'enter; six from Riley Center,
and fourteen from Randolph.

The Loonariiville Brass Band has six instruments. William Fryhoffer
is leader.    This vvas organized in 1878.

Fancy Creek Ttiirii.ship.—This township vvas named from the ereek
vvhich flows through it. The Randolph family named the creek, and it is
said, that whoever has wandered up and down its charming valley, or has
en,ioyed a look down upon the picturesque panorama spread out at its
feet from an ad,jaeent bluff, will exclaim, "A singularly appropriate

The township was organized September 8. 1879, and embraced the south
one half of what vvas then May Day Township, containing forty-eight square
miles each.

August Winkler came up from St. Louis, Mo., in the spring of 1857,
and F. Winkler, C. Ii. C'aley and J. J. .M.vers vvere settlers here soon after¬
wards. .Vugust Winkler built the first permanent grist-mill in the county.
He has been a very successful miller .ind farmer, and has the largest flock
of sheep in the county.

In 1873, Richard Burk established a general store.

In 1880, a Baptist Church vvas erected at a cfist of $1,500.

Ceriiter Township.—This township was organized August 13, 1881, and
it embraces what was the south one-third of Alay Dayand the north one-

third of Fancy Creek townships, containing thirty-two square miles.     May
Day and Fancy Creek each contains the same.

Jlai/ Day Town.ship.—In January, 1873. this township was organized,
thc territory having been taken from Jackson Township. It embraced a
tract 8x13"miles in the northwest part of the county. Its name was
sutrgcsted by Hon. A. S. Edgerton, who was postmaster of an offlce estab¬
lished there in 1869, aud first ealled Stanton. This name was objected to,
Ijecause of there being other offices of that name in the Stato.

In the year 1857, Prank Droll and Rudolph Niehenke settled in the
township. Peter Dick, A. S. Edgerton, 0. B. Osborne, George Pickett and
Fred Schartz came soon after. In 1871, Solomon Weichselbaum established
a store at Jlay Day.

The first "marriage vvas that of A. Brockhart and Sarah Morris in 1863.
The first birth that of John H. Schartz, August 1. 1859.

Parallel Post-Office, JI.Jerome,postmaster,is on the first standard parallel.

Farmer's Lodge. No. 1(10, was organized at May Day under a dispensa¬
tion, January 15, 1876. G. T. Poison was chosen Worshipful Master; J.
W. Smith, Senior Warden; Prank Coffle, Junior Warden; H. A. Freeman,
Treasurer; Sol Weichselbaum, Secretary. It was organized under a charter
(Ictober 18, 1876.    Its membership is upwards of thirty.

W. W. Jones is the physician at Parallel; H. A. Meier, physician and
surgeon at Jlay Day.

Swede Creek Toivnship.—This township is in the northeast part of the
county, and its area is about flfty miles. It was organized August 4, 1879.
II. H. Rice was its first Trustee. Frederic Toburen was Trustee 1880-82.
Its post-office is Big Timber; JIaynus Vilander is postmaster. Thetown¬
ship receives its name from the creek which flows through it, and the creek
was named in honor of Peter Carlson, a Scandinavian, who settled on it in
1857. In 1858, L. Pierson settled just below the raouth of Swede Creek, and
N. Christenson, a Dane, settled a little farther down the Big Blue. The
same year the Jleyer brothers and Frederic Toburen made a settlement in
the township, and later Mr. Toburen's parents and his brothers, Herman
and Adoljih.

In 1877. a German Evangelical Church was erected. The township
contains three stone and two frame schoolhouses.

■Tackson Township.—The early settlers of this township came from
Jackson County, Ind., hence the name. Formerly it embraced all the terri¬
tory now included in Jackson, May Day, Madison, Bala and a part of
. (.Tiant townships. Early in 1855, Gardner Randolph and his large, grovvn-
np family of sons, daughters and sons-in-law, near the mouth of Fancy
Creek, made the first settlement. They claimed all the land, with the ex¬
ecjition of a single tract on Fancy Creek, between Peter Heller's on Section
4, Township 7. Range 0, and the inouth of Baldwin Creek, also a slice east
of the Blue calleil Timber City. Though this family came from Illinois,
they avowed their purpose of aiding in making Kansas a slave State.

In November, 1856, Edward Secrest, Solomon Secrest and Henry
Shellenbaum, three young men, natives of Switzerland, but recently from
Seymour, Jackson Co., Ind., came up the Blue River, and built the first log
cabin on the Big 151ue, above Fancy Creek. In the early part of 1857 they
settled on Fancy Creek, where they were joined by Mr. John Fryhoffer.
The father of the Si.-crest brothers joined his sons in the fall o'f 1860.
William Fryhoffer and Peter Heller came in 1863, and the father of the
Pryhoffers in 1864.

Fancy Creek Valley is settled with some of the best farmers in the
eounty, who are largely Swedes and Germans, the large portion of whom
vvere in the territory of Jackson Township. The township, as constituted
in 18S3, embraces about fifty-five square miles. Its eastern boundary is the
Big Blue, the western, the line between Ranges 5 and 6.

In the original bounds of the township the first school was taught by
J. Jl. B.yarlay in 186:!. The first schoolhouse was built in 1867. The flrst
church was built in 187(1. by the German Evangelical Association.

The first regular religious meetings were held at Mr. Randolph's early
in 1857, by ministers ot the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

The first marriage was that of Lewis Baldwin and Matilda Randolph
in 1856. and the first birth was that of their son in 1857.

Randolph, first called Waterville, was laid out in 1856, by J. K. Whit¬
son : the first inhabitant, G. L. Ruth.streno, established the fi'rst store. In
1KS3. Its population is about 300. It has a graded school, with two teachers.
I he Swedish Jlethodist Episcopal Church is organized and the Swedish
Mission Church has a good building. Its postmaster in 1883, is J. W. Nel¬
son. The first pixst-offlce here was at thc house of Gardner Randolph, and
it was on the weekly mail route between Ogden and Marysville.

The town has a lumber-yard, a millinery establishm"ent, a livery stable,
a jewelry establishment, a tin shop, a cabinet shop, a drug store, two harness
shops, three blacksmith shops, three hotels, and three physicians. Its
attorneys are T. B. Lewis and R. C. Walter. J. F. Beekman & Bro., and
A. Wikander carry the largest stock of goods.

In ISSl, A. A. Chapman and Milton Foreman, practical carpenters and
miU-wrights, got their threi.'-slory wood and  stone gi-ist-mill in running

"Ir'.   u         ^^^''^'^ '''^" °* "^'^'^'^^ ^^^ ^^^ "lill i*' inoved by a turbine wheel

ol lorty horse-power. The mill is situated south of the town, and the water
running it is taken from near the bend of Fancy Creek and conveyed through
a canal to the bulkhead.

Randolph is a peninsula. North Otter being on the east; Fancy Creek
on the south and considerably on the west of it. The original plat of the
town contains fi ve blocks. Whitson's Addition has nine, north of the same;
Heeliinan s is a few lots south and west of the original plat. The town con¬
tains some el,;veii acres, and is located on the south part of the southwest
quarter ot the southeast quarter of Section 33, Township 8, Range 7.

trrant lotmship.-Ttiis township was formed from Jackson and Man¬
hattan townships, Aprtl 11, I870, and was named in honor of President
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