Selleck, Charles Melbourne. Norwalk

(Norwalk, Conn. :  The author,  1896.)



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the hill just east of the 1896 Norwalk "Boston Store", overlooked the harbor, and was
convenient to Capt. James' vessel. To the mariner and his partner were born three child¬
ren : Sally. Aug. 27. 1798; William Kellogg, Sept. 18, 1800, and Mary PZsther. The
first child, Sally James, married a Keeler, and was a Winnipauk mother, who died quite
before she was eighteen ;  her child also died early.

The second child, Williain Kellogg James, became one of Norwalk's strong, ener¬
getic, enterprising and successful business and banking men. The late William K.
James was bred to industry. He read human nature, was an observer of human
actions, and quickly discerned the general trend of things. His acquaintance was large,
he was a responsible and much respected man, and his reputation as a strict, sage finan¬
cier was wide. He amassed a handsome property, was a capitalist of integrity and influ¬
ence, and an unostentatiously liberal and charitable man. The ending years of his life
were happily passed with his wife, Alaria Philips Selleck, in the substantial residence which
he erected (1840) some years before his marriage. He left, at his decease, what is known
as the "James Legacy" to St. Paul's Church.     He had no children.

The third child. Alar}- Esther, of Capt. Daniel and Ann (Kellogg) James, married
Samuel Hubbell of Wilton.'

Mehitable (Blakeley-Keeler) Hoyt. niarried Phoebe,
daughter of John^d. and Eunice (Judd) .Vbbott, and
great-grand-daughter of George Abbott, the settler.
Isaac and Phoebe Hoyt had a son Stephen, born Oct.
25, 1761, w-ho married .\lthea, daughter of Peter and
Mercy James, and sister of Capt. Daniel James. Ste¬
phen and .\lthea Hoyt were the parents of Pollv, who
married, as his second w-ife, Ebenezer Churched., w-ho
was the father of the late Isaac and Mary Church of
Westport .\venue.

Caleb, father of Isaac Hoyt, w-as son of Zerub¬
babel"'- (son of Walter Hoyt the settler). Phoebe
.\bbott was i, grand-daughter of John and Ruth .\b-

'Samuel Hubbell, born July 29, 1799, of Wilton
(son of Zadock, born 1756, son of Thaddeus, born
1725, son of N.ithan, born 1699, son of Saniuel, son of
Richard Hubbell the settler), married Marv Esther,
daughter of Capt. Daniel and .\nna (Kellogg) James,
and had :

John William, liorn July 5, 182S:

Thaddeus Kellogg, born .\pr.  14, 18^4.
John  William,  son  of  Samuel and Marv Esther
Hubbell, married first, Jan. i, 1854, Nancv, dauo-hter
of Justus lloyt, and had :

Janies Thaddeus, born Mar. 17, 1855.
.Mrs. Nancy Hubbell died .May 17, 1856, and John
W   Hubbell  married, second, Emily, born Marcli 21,
1836, daughter of .Miijah  and Ann (Warren) .Vdams,
and had:

Susie .Maria, born Feb. 21, 1866.
Thaddeus  Kellogg, son of Samuel and  .Marv E--

ther Hubbell, married, April  20, 1S64, Helen A. Bar¬
num, and had:

.Annie Kellogg, born .Apr. 13, 1S65.

William Kellogg Janies, born July 5, 1867.
Helen A. Hubbell died May 16, 1869, and her hus¬
band, Thaddeus K. Hubbell, died .Aug. 25, 1880.

Hon. Janies Thaddeus, son of John W. and Nan¬
cy (lloyt) Hubbell, and Mayor, in 1895, of Norwalk,
married, June 22, 1888, Mary Clinton, daughter of
Rev. Clinton and Mary (Merwin) Clark, and had:

Clinton Clark, born Nov. 13, 1889.

John Samuel, dietl in infancy.

Helen C, born .-^pr., 1894.
Su-ie   Maria,  datighter  of   John   W    and   Emily
(Adams) Hubbell, married May i, 1890, Stanton, son
of Ebenezer and Eleanor O. (Gregory) Coley of West-
port, a-nd had :

Williain Stanton, born Dec. 13, 1891.

Emily Eleanor, born Feb. 10, 1897.
Mrs. Justus   lloyt, mother of the first  Mrs. John
William Hubbell, w-as a sister of Jonathan, David and
Martha Betts, several years since of  Winnipauk Ave¬
nue, Norwalk.

Edwin Adams of South Norwalk (1896) is young¬
est brother of .Abijah Adams, the father of the second
Mrs. John W. Hubbell.

The mother of Mrs. Hon. James Thaddeus Hub¬
bell was Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel Merwin of
New Haven. Rev. Mr. Merwin, born in Milford in
1782, was a Vale graduate of 1S02. Hew-as a student
of Dr. Timothy Dwight'st., and was for over a quar¬
ter century a New Haven Congregational pastor.   He
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