Selleck, Charles Melbourne. Norwalk

(Norwalk, Conn. :  The author,  1896.)



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N O R W -V L K .

Samuel Beldeni^'and his brother Johni-  came to   Norwalk.     Samuel  was   unmarried,
but  John— here founded a family.i

John   Belden,-   son  of   William-   and  Thomasine   Belden,   was,   with    his    brother
Samuel,!-,   ^   resident   of   Norwalk,   where   he   married   Ruth   (see   page   88\ daughter  of
SamueP- and Ruth (More or :\Ioore) Hayes, and had:

SamueP"'"', removed to Stamford ;

Ruth, born 1690 ;  baptized October 7, 1694 ;  died 1704.
.Ann, Mrs. Justus Bush, of Rye.^
John^""!,  son  of   John^-  and   Ruth   (Hayes)   Belden,   married   ]\Iay   9,   1728.   Ruhama,
daughter of Capt. John Hill of Westerly, R. I., and had :
JohnS"-"!, |-,Qj.jj April 26, 1729;
Thomas, born March 25, 1731, unmarried;
Hezekiah, born April 25, 1736, unmarried;
Wary, born January 26, 1739;
John Belden^"!, son of John^""! and Ruhama (Hill) Belden, married  Rebecca,^ daughter
of John— and Mary (Betts) Bartlett (see page 296), and had:

Mtiry Belden, daughter of Daniell-, married
James Trowbridge April 19, 1698.

DanieP'^'i, namesake son of Danieli-, was one of
the victims, at the age of sixteen, at the Deerfield
slaughter of 1696.

Sarah, third daughter of Danieli-, married Ben¬
jamin, son of David Burt, and grandson of Henry
Burt of Roxbury and Springfield, Sarah Belden was
married to Benjamin Burt December 16, 1702. Her
husband was born Xovember 17, 17St>-

Samuel, son of Daniel Beldeni-, was wounded in
the 1696 attack but lived to marry, February 26,
1724, Anna Thomas. She died in a lew months and
her husband married, second, September 20, 1720),
Elizabeth, daughter of Xathaniel Ingraham of Had¬
ley, Mass.    Samuel Belden died December 17, 1750.

.\bigail Belden'2"", daughter of Danieli-, was, it
is thought, wounded by a shot from the fort in Deer¬

John Belden, son of Danieli-,fell with his mother
by a savage blow in 1696, and his sister Thankful

ijohn Beldeni*' and his brother Samueli*' have
maiden Norwalk registration 1671—1673. The first
was, at the first date, twenty-one and the second
twenty-tour years of age. John was an active man,
and an early Xorwalk soldier, whose services were
acknowledged by the settlers. He evidentiv grew in
influence, as on April 30, 1690, he was town ap¬
pointed as one of a committee of four to fortify the
meeting house, and on January 16, 1694, was chosen

a committeeman to call a minister in the place of the
Rev, Thomas Hanford, then deceased. Some of
the strongest men in the plantation were put upon
this committee. John Beldeni- was also one of the
purchasers, in 1708, of Ridgefield. He died in 1713-14
and his widow- married John Copp, originally from
the eastern part of the colony. Mr. Copp was a
public man, who continued to occupy his Strawberry
Hill home until his decease.

Mr. Copp made his will October 12, 1749,
which instrument, probated June 4,1751, bequeathed
his " physical books, drugs, roots," to his stepson,
Samuel Belden. He left to Rev. Moses Dickinson
£100 and to the First Congregational Society £100
additional. He also left C400, the income of which
should be expended in the interest of his two negroes,
and at their death the same was made to fall to the
ecclesiastical society before named. Samuel Fitch,
brother of (.'.oy., and Isaac Hayes were his chosen
executors, to each of whom he left £50, "reasonable

-Had sons Justus, John, Bernardus, Isaac and
Abraham. The will of Mr. Bush is dated June 24,

SRebecca, Mrs. John Belden^"-'', was a daughter
of John Bartlett by his second marriage. John Bart¬
lett was born October 15, 1677, at " 5 of the A. M.,"
and died August 5, 1761. His first wife was Eliza¬
beth, born 1684-5, daughter of " Mr. William
Haynes,"   (see page  206).    Mrs. Ehzabeth Bartlett
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