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Part II, Interview # 6

Interviewee: Mrs, Albert D. Lasker
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
Date: June 10, 1968
Beathoote Farm, Amenia, NY


Mrs. Lasker, you wanted to begin by telling me something more about beautification efforts in the Capital, I believe today?

Mrs. Lasker, Last fall Mrs. Johnson released the following press statement, which I will give you. “Five beautification projects totalling 435,000 of privately donated funds were announced today by the First Lady's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital at the White House. The projects include a towering jet of water in the Potomao about 200 feet off the tip of Haynes Point, two fountains near the Ellipse, and the landscaping of Columbia Island with flowering dogwood.”

Yes, let me go back. In the last three years, that Mrs. Johnson and I have been working on her beautification idea of the city of Washington, I found that very few people were willing to do anything substantial that would really change the looks of the

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