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(10/10/2006) The latest contribution to The Papers of John Jay database comes from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Gilder Lehrman has provided 171 original color scans representing 55 documents from their collection. The Gilder Lehrman collection, on deposit at the New-York Historical Society, contains more than 60,000 documents detailing the political and social history of the United States.  For more information on The Gilder Lehrman Institute and its collections, go to

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Jay ID
Author   Date Recipient / Title
Adams, John 1783-02-02 Jay, John
Adams, John 1785-06-02 Jay, John
Adams, John 1785-12-03 Jay, John
Barclay, Thomas 1787-10-05 Jay, John
Burr, Aaron 1800-09-05 Jay, John
Franklin, Benjamin 1785-10-26 Jay, John
Hamilton, Alexander 1776-01-04 Jay, John
Hamilton, Alexander 1798-11-19 Jay, John
Jay, John 1765-05-01 Livingston, Robert R.
Jay, John 1776-01-26 Livingston, Robert R.
Jay, John 1776-03-00 Jay, Sarah Livingston
Jay, John 1776-03-13 McDougall, Alexander
Jay, John 1776-06-22 Campbell, James
Jay, John 1776-12-02 Morris, Robert
Jay, John 1776-12-23 ["An Address of the Convention ..."]
Jay, John 1778-12-00 to 1779-09-28 ["Instructions to the Commanders of Private Ships ..."]
Jay, John 1779-08-14 Clinton, George
Jay, John 1779-09-18 Talbot, Silas
Jay, John 1779-12-24 [Commission to John Wheelwright as Commander of the privateer ship Neptune.]
Jay, John 1780-09-05 Jay, Sarah Livingston
Jay, John 1780-11-18 Gerry, Elbridge
Jay, John 1781-05-28 Harrison, Richard
Jay, John 1783-12-05 Jay, Sarah Livingston
Jay, John 1785-06-15 Johnson, Samuel
Jay, John 1785-08-24 Price, Richard
Jay, John 1794-04-09 Jay, Sarah Livingston
Jay, John 1794-12-13 Jay, Sarah Livingston
Jay, John 1796-04-09 [Appointment of William North major commandant of battalion of militia in Albany Co.]
Jay, John 1796-06-15 [Proclamation condemning riotous proceedings on the Manor of Livingston.]
Jay, John 1796-07-19 [Requests the secretary of state make out a pardon for Henry Brasher.]
Jay, John 1796-09-06 Mifflin, Thomas
Jay, John 1796-10-20 Trumbull, John
Jay, John 1797-11-25 Jay, Peter Augustus
Jay, John 1798-02-13 Varick, Richard
Jay, John 1798-05-04 North, William
Jay, John 1798-05-26 Hale, Daniel
Jay, John 1798-06-25 North, William
Jay, John 1798-10-19 Hale, Daniel
Jay, John 1798-12-31 Morris, James
Jay, John 1800-10-30 Millspaugh, John
Jay, John 1801-02-07 Varick, Richard
Jay, John 1803-10-13 North, William
Jay, John 1811-01-12 Pickering, Timothy
Jay, John 1818-01-31 Adams, John
Jay, John II 1893-00-00 [Signed book by Bayard Tuckerman, William Jay and the Constitutional Movement for the Abolition of Slavery]
King, Rufus 1797-11-09 Pickering, Timothy
Knox, Henry 1781-10-21 Jay, John
Knox, Henry 1786-10-03 Jay, John
Livingston, Robert R. 1782-06-23 Jay, John
Monroe, James 1786-04-20 Jay, John
Morris, Gouverneur 1781-06-17 Jay, John
Pickering, Timothy 1824-09-23 Jay, John
Troup, Robert 1777-03-04 Jay, John
Washington, George 1788-01-20 Jay, John

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