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Series II: Project Drawings

Frank L. Palmer House (Pomona, Calif.)   Pasadena Drapery Shop Building (Pasadena, Calif.)

Thomas Palmer House (Los Angeles, Calif.). Alterations
Alterations to residence for Thomas Palmer Esq. at Los Angeles, Cal. / Greene and Greene, Architects. 5 drawings various media 56.3 x 77.6 cm. (22 1/4 x 30 5/8 in.) or smaller

Date from inventory.
Job no. 138.
This set consists of 4 ink drawings on cloth with pencil markings and also with ink wash applied to the verso, and 1 ink and ink wash drawing with pencil and crayon markings on cloth.

Index Terms
Subjects: 1. Houses. 2. Alterations. 3. Thomas Palmer house (Los Angeles (Calif.) Geographic Names: 1. Los Angeles (Calif.) Genre/Media: 1. Detail drawings. 2. Orthographic drawings. 3. Ink drawings. 4. Ink wash drawings. 5. Pencil drawings. 6. Crayon drawings. Associated Names: 1. Palmer, Thomas.

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1. NYDA.1960.001.02801. Foundation plan ; typical sections -- wall, large chimney, pier, small chimney "Note -- piers marked "X" are 12" x 12", piers marked "Y" are 16" x 16", piers marked "Z" are 20" x 20". JPEG | Zoom

2. NYDA.1960.001.02802. Floor plan ; section [and] front [elevation] of bookcases and seat ; [elevation] -- front of sideboard, end of sideboard and French doors in dining room ; 1 1/2 in. scale details of sideboard ; typical section [through] steps : 2 JPEG | Zoom

3. NYDA.1960.001.02803. Front elevation ; south elevation ; detail of front porch -- [section], plan : 3 "South elevation" was originally labeled "west elevation". JPEG | Zoom

4. NYDA.1960.001.02804. South elevation ; east elevation ; section of outside wall [with] elevation of inside [and] elevation of outside ; [section through] cobble stone [foundation] : 4 JPEG | Zoom

5. NYDA.1960.001.02805. Front elevation of living rm. fireplace, section ; front elevation [and] section [of] dining room mantel ; plan of living rm. [and dining room] fireplace[s] ; full size detail[s] of blocks and picture mould above L.R. mantel, front of mantel shelf : 5 JPEG | Zoom

Frank L. Palmer House (Pomona, Calif.)   Pasadena Drapery Shop Building (Pasadena, Calif.)