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Series II: Project Drawings

Samuel Z. Mardian Building (Pasadena, Calif.)   Robert P. McReynolds House (Los Angeles, Calif.). Alterations and Additions. 1912-1913

Frank J. Martin Row Houses (Pasadena, Calif.)
Block of dwelling houses for F. J. Martin, Esq., Pasadena, Cal. / Greene & Greene, Architects. 1902-1903 11 sheets various media 77.7 x 82.5 cm. (30 5/8 x 32 1/2 in.) or smaller

Most of the drawings contain the signature -- "Thos. Fairman".
Job no. 92.
Scale varies.
This set consists of 4 ink drawings on cloth with pencil markings and also with watercolor wash applied to the verso, 3 ink drawings with pencil markings on cloth, 3 pencil drawings on paper, 1 pencil and crayon drawing on paper, and 1 pencil and watercolor wash drawing on paper.

Index Terms
Subjects: 1. Houses. 2. Row houses. 3. Frank J. Martin row houses (Pasadena, Calif.) Geographic Names: 1. Pasadena (Calif.) Genre/Media: 1. Detail drawings. 2. Sketches. 3. Site plans. 4. Orthographic drawings. 5. Ink drawings. 6. Pencil drawings. 7. Watercolor wash drawings. 8. Crayon drawings. Associated Names: 1. Martin, Frank J.

List of Drawings (View All Thumbnails)

1. NYDA.1960.001.02542. Foundation plan ; [details of] chimney footings, wall footings, post footings : No. 1 "Note -- for positions of vents see elevations & 1st floor plan". JPEG | Zoom

2. NYDA.1960.001.02543. First floor plan : No. 2 "Note -- all halls back to kitchen, living rooms & dining rooms floors not laid until plastering is done -- see specifications". JPEG | Zoom

3. NYDA.1960.001.02544. Second floor plan JPEG | Zoom

4. NYDA.1960.001.02545. South elevation [with section through wall] : No. 4 JPEG | Zoom

5. NYDA.1960.001.02546. North elevation [with section through wall] : No. 5 JPEG | Zoom

6. NYDA.1960.001.02547. East elevation ; west elevation : No. 6 JPEG | Zoom

7. NYDA.1960.001.02548. Details -- fireplace in living room [in elevation ; elevation, plan and section of] fireplace in dining room ; section [and] front [elevation] of buffet in dining room (3 cupboards with doors & 2 shelves each) ; section A-B [through entire house, with] plan of the buttress & parapet from above (all flashed with galv'd iron) ; section thro' main wall : No. 7 JPEG | Zoom

8. NYDA.1960.001.02549. 1 1/2" detail of furring of parapet walls : 8 Feb. 18, 1903. "Copy on white paper given to cont[racto]r". JPEG | Zoom

9. NYDA.1960.001.02550. [Elevations and full size sections of doors] -- door between dining rm. and hall ; one half of sliding doors to dining rm. : 13 JPEG | Zoom

10. NYDA.1960.001.02551. [Sketch of site plan] JPEG | Zoom

11. NYDA.1960.001.02552R. [Rough sketch of site plan showing] grade levels 11/12/02. JPEG | Zoom

12. NYDA.1960.001.02552V. [Rough sketch showing profile of grade] JPEG | Zoom

Samuel Z. Mardian Building (Pasadena, Calif.)   Robert P. McReynolds House (Los Angeles, Calif.). Alterations and Additions. 1912-1913